The Inaugural Digital Health Coalition Executive Landscape Study

Guest Mark Bard, co-founder of the Digital Health Coalition, discusses some of the key findings from the October 2012 member survey,

Pharma YouTube: Successful Use of Online Video to Support Patients

Learn how you can decrease time to market and reduce costs to deploy strategic initiatives

Pharma Marketing Talk: List of Shows By Guest

Interviews of leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical marketing.

All About Eve – An iPAD Physician Detailing Platform

Guest Tim Lewis, Director, Interactive|RM Strategy at Abelson Taylor, provides details about eve™, which is his company's sales force-focused detailing platform for the iPAD.

The Importance of Emotion in Evaluating Product Promotion: Insight Into Physicians’ and Patients’ Minds

A conversation with Dr. Jeremy Pincus, Principal and Quantitative Team Leader, Forbes Consulting, about the importance of measuring physician and patient emotions when evaluating product promotions. We talk about his company's proprietary MindSight Emotional Assessment, which is a new way to gather data directly from the emotional brain by 'talking in pictures'.

Collaborating with Online Physician Communities

Pharma-Physician Peer-to-Peer Dialog via Sermo

The (Near) Future of Digital Pharma: Social, Mobile, Analytics, & the Cloud

A discussion with Philippe Kirby, EUCAN MCM IT Director, MSD (Europe) Inc., who previews his presentation at the upcoming 5th Annual Digital Pharma Europe conference. Kirby also discusses what the near future of pharma digital marketing has in store especially regarding use of the iPad, social media, and analytics in physician detailing.

Racism in the Life Sciences: What Should be the Response?

In this podcast, John Mack discusses The Life Science Profiles of Color (LSPOC) project and blog, with Craig DeLarge of Novo Nordisk and Frad Johnmar of Envision Solutions. LSPOC highlights the vast achievements and contribution of people of color in the life sciences industries.

Discovering the Active Digital Health Consumer: DigiHealth Pulse

Discovering the Active Digital Health Consumer:DigiHealth Pulse Is Pharma Missing 90% of Behavior Change Opportunities?Click Here...

Media Consumption Habits of Physicians

A conversation with David L. Shrier, Chief Executive Officer of HCPlexus about how the demand for content and channels of delivery of content depend upon the size of physician practices and other factors.


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