Want Digital Pharma Marketing “RESULTS”? Pharma Marketers Must Adapt to the New Demands of...

Pharmaguy interviews R.J. Lewis, President and CEO of eHealthcare Solutions, about his new book

Web 2.0 Tools for Sales Force Effectiveness

Understand how your sales force can make themselves more effective by collaborating on web 2.0 tools, interactive opinion polls and wikis.

Pharma’s Use of Medical Conference Hashtags: Is It Unregulated “Backchannel” Promotion?

Pharmaguy interviews Len Starnes, a digital consultant, who critiques a #MICEproject report, which concluded that the pharmaceutical industry uses medical conference hashtags as unregulated 'backchannels' to exert an equal or greater amount of influence than healthcare providers.

The Future of Pharma-Sponsored Twitter & Other Social Media Chats

Learn how you can decrease time to market and reduce costs to deploy strategic initiatives

Social Media for Pharma C-Suite Dummies: The Need for Social Media Training

A conversation with Alexandra Fulford, Principal at Healthcare Management Consultants, Ltd and known as @Pharmaguapa on Twitter. We discuss the need for social media training of pharmaceutical senior managers.

Can New Technologies Improve Healthcare? Exploring the 2.0 Doctor

A conversation with Denise Silber, CEO of Basil Strategies and Founder of Doctors 2.0 & You conference, and Dr. Frank Antwerpes, President, DocCheck Medical, about the use of Web 2.0 and social media such as Twitter for improving patient care.They'll be giving their international perspective on the uptake of Web 2.0 and Social Media, the advantages and disadvantages from the physician and patient perspective, and how the ever-evolving landscape of tools and devices are impacting things.

What’s in the Future for Generics?

To date, efforts by regulators and the generic industry to combat Authorized Generics have been largely unsuccessful. With the new Democratic-controlled Congress and a federal budget increasingly burdened by pharmaceutical expenditures, that may change in the near future.

Curation vs. Content Marketing: Which is Best for Pharma Marketers?

Pharmaguy interviews Arsalan Arif, Publisher of ENDPOINTS, about the benefits versus the drawbacks of content curation versus content marketing for pharmaceutical marketers in a social media world.

Questioning Conventional Pharma Marketing Wisdom

How Disruption Can Lead to Game-changing Ideas.

Novo Nordisk’s Race With Insulin Campaign: It’s Not Just About Twitter

A conversation with Ambre Morley, Associate Director, Product Communications, Novo Nordisk Inc., about Novo Nordisk's Race With Insulin Campaign, which includes a branded Twitter account (@racewithinsulin). Ambre will talk about Novo Nordisk's social media goals, but also include other integrated aspects of the campaign.


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