Wolfe: The Seven Year Drug Ban Solution

In this 1-minute audio snippet, Sydney Wolfe, MD, formerly head of Public Citizen, explains why you should wait at least seven years from the date of release to take any new drug unless it is one of those rare ‘breakthrough’ drugs that offers you a documented therapeutic advantage over older proven drugs.

Ryan McGuire: Pharma’s Mobile Development Challenges

In this 4-minute audio snippet, Ryan McGuire, Research Team Leader at Cutting Edge Information, talks about some of the challenges faced by small and large pharmaceutical companies in launching mobile apps including picking the right agency, determining at what point in a drug's lifecycle to begin the process, and how to coordinate a true global launch of a mobile campaign.

Leigh Fazzina: Identifying Online Opinion Leaders Using Social Media Listening Tools

In this 3-minute audio snippet, Leigh Fazzina, Principal, Fazzina & Co. Communications Consulting, Inc., talks about how social media listening tools can help pharma marketers identify online patient and physician opinion leaders in specific disease categories.

Dr. Gottlieb’s Comments on Opioid Epidemic

At his April 5, 2017, Senate Hearing, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, President Trump's nominee for FDA Commissioner, answered questions about the opioid epidemic by Sen. Tim Kaine, Sen. Michael Bennet, and Sen. Al Franken.

Profile of Pharmaguy™’s Twitter Followers

Pharmaguy™ is a Pharma Marketing Pundit & Critic, Blogger & Publisher of Pharma Marketing News

Alan Schwarz and Dr. Aaron Kesselheim: The Selling of ADHD and Ethics of Disease...

In this 1-minute audio snippet, Alan Schwarz, National Correspondent at The New York Times and Dr. Aaron Kesselheim, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, discuss the ethics of disease awareness ads -- specifically ADHD awareness ads -- that mention the benefits of a class of drugs without also mentioning the common risks.

Pain Patients Speak In Favor of Direct-to-Consumer Promotion by Pharma of Off-Label Use of...

In this 3-minute audio snippet, several anonymous pain patients and advocates tell why they are in favor of allowing pharmaceutical companies to promote/advertise off-label uses of drugs directly to patients.

John Mack and Pharmaguy Are No Longer Joined at the Hip

In this 2-minute audio snippet, Pharmaguy talks about his decision to 'break away' from John Mack in order to focus his efforts on speaking at live events and webinars and to more fully engage with his many followers via social networks such as Twitter, Pharma Marketing Blog, Tumblr, Facebook, and Google+.

Ambre Morley: Vetting Celebrity Spokespersons to Ensure Return on Investment

In this 2-minute audio snippet, Ambre Morley, Associate Director, Product Communications, Novo Nordisk, talks about vetting Paula Deen as a paid celebrity spokesperson for the Novo Victoza diabetes drug franchise and the importance of measuring celebrity return on investment (ROI).

The Forgotten eHealth Code of Ethics

Any research or effort designed to improve the quality of health information on the Internet must build upon the work already done by the creators of the international eHealth Code of Ethics, which is as relevant today as it was back in 2000.


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