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Big Pharma Racks Up Facebook Likes But Not So Much from Patients

In this 2.5-minute audio snippet, Pharmaguy contemplates how big drug companies can get hundreds of thousands of 'likes' on Facebook but score very low among patient groups worldwide. Only 25% of patients, for example, think pharma marketing is ethical. A case in point is Low-T direct-to-consumer advertising.

Pharmaguy™’s Twitter Stream – Q3 2011

Pharmaguy™ is a Pharma Marketing Pundit & Critic, Blogger & Publisher of Pharma Marketing News

Warren Goes After Gottlieb Regarding Drug Safety

At his April 5, 2017, Senate Hearing, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, President Trump's nominee for FDA Commissioner, responded to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren's concern about his commitment to FDA's basic safety mission.

Patients Speak For and Against Direct-to-Consumer Off-Label Promotion of Drugs

In these audio snippets, several anonymous patients and patient advocates tell why they are in favor of or against allowing pharmaceutical companies to promote/advertise off-label uses of drugs directly to patients.

Jessica Federer: Empower Pharma Employees to Advance Digitalization in Your Organization

In this 1-minute audio snippet, Jessica Federer, Head of Digital Development at Bayer, talks about how Bayer employees its employees to advance the digitalization of the organization.


Pharmaguy™ is a Pharma Marketing 'Constructive' Critic, Blogger & Chief Pundit at

A Shower of Oxycodone in West Virginia, a Flood of Drug Adverse Event Reports...

In this 4.5-minute audio snippet, Pharmaguy discusses how West Virginia and other rural areas are being showered with opioids by drug companies, which could be a major cause in the current flood of drug adverse events.

Peter Houston: Could Pharma Use Tumblr and Survive?

In this 3-minute audio snippet, Peter Houston, founder of Flipping Pages Media Ltd, discusses the pros and cons of Tumblr and whether it is possible for pharma marketers to get involved with Tumblr. Is it too Early?

Preeti Pinto: How Marketers & Regulatory People Can Just Get Along

In this 3-minute audio snippet, Preeti Pinto, a regulatory consultant and former Executive Director & Head of Promotional Regulatory Affairs at AstraZeneca, talks about how regulatory-savvy pharma marketers are in a better position to challenge their regulatory colleagues when they say 'No.'
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