Shona Davies and Sean Nicholson: How Do You Define “Engagement?”

In this 3-minute audio snippet, Shona L. Davies, Communications & Programme Leader, Univadis, and Sean Nicholson, Senior Director, Social Media, Intouch Solutions, define what they mean by social media

Patricia Alves and Jaclyn Fonteyne: TweetChat Return on Investment

In this 2.5-minute audio snippet, Patricia Alves and Jaclyn Fonteyne, members of the Boehringer Ingelheim Social Media Team, talk about the working with legal-regulatory to plan TweetChats and what they consider to be the measures of success -- aka, return on investment -- for pharma TweetChats.

Silja Chouquet: Appropriate Use of Twitter by Pharma

In this 2-minute audio snippet, Silja Chouquet, Owner at whydot GmbH, suggests that pharmaceutical companies should stop trying to market brands via Twitter and focus on using it to support patients.

Peter Houston: Could Pharma Use Tumblr and Survive?

In this 3-minute audio snippet, Peter Houston, founder of Flipping Pages Media Ltd, discusses the pros and cons of Tumblr and whether it is possible for pharma marketers to get involved with Tumblr. Is it too Early?

The Dark Side of Digital Health: “Unhealthy Surveillance”

The Dark Side of Digital Health: "Unhealthy Surveillance" In this 2-minute audio snippet, Fard Johnmar, Founder and President of Enspektos, LLC, talks about Americans' opinions of the collection -- and in...

Pharmaguy Featured in Videos

Pharmaguy™ is a Pharma Marketing Pundit & Critic, Blogger & Publisher of Pharma Marketing News

Bill Evans and Zoe Dunn: Share Your Social Media & Mobile Success Stories So...

In this 3.5-minute audio snippet, Bill Evans, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer for Team Chemistry @ WPP, and Zoe Dunn, Principal at Hale Advisors, Inc., talk about their disappointment with speakers at industry digital and social media conferences whose presentations lack depth and most important do not showcase their success stories so that attendees can actually learn something. It's not about revealing the


Pharmaguy™ is a Pharma Marketing 'Constructive' Critic, Blogger & Chief Pundit at

Pharmaguy™ Interviews Dyan Byson: Patient-Centric Marketing: Measure Differently for Healthier Returns

In this 2-minute snippet Dyan Byson, Managing Director, Inspired Health Strategies, LLC, urges pharma marketers to 'measure differently' by going beyond IMS NRx (new prescription) data and following what happens AFTER the prescription is filled to better understand the patient and implement 'patient-centric' marketing.

Senator Bernie Sanders: Why Can FDA Allow Importation of Fish But Not Rx Drugs?

In this 1.5-minute audio snippet, Senator Bernie Sanders blasts FDA Commissioner nominee Robert Califf about drug reimportation of FDA-approved Rx Drugs and high drug prices.
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