Jim Lefevere is an award-winning highly-influential agile intrapreneur with over 20 years of expertise in the consumer goods, startups, medical device, and healthcare industries. Jim has enjoyed a very diverse and successful career with progressive growth in leadership, global marketing, digital marketing, and strategy development. Jim is a visionary intrapreneur at a global scale as a social media pioneer, digital health scholar, and agile leader.

Current Career

Since joining a Fortune 100 company in 2001 as a marketing manager for Roche,  the world’s largest biotech company, global pioneer with 94K+ employees in 100 countries, and annual revenue of $53B, Jim has been promoted into multiple executive positions such as Global Marketing Manager, Global Group Manager, and Head of Global Digital Marketing.  Currently, Jim is an International Business Leader, an innovation-based role leading the development of a new market segment and entry into new products, services and solutions. Focused on unlocking new value through internal new product development and external strategic partnerships while utilizing lean innovation and a start-up mentality.

Jim has excelled as a global commercial business executive with an impeccable reputation for managing, mentoring, empowering global multi-disciplinary teams, and expanding new global business partnerships. He has continuously accelerated global digital marketing strategies into driving profitability, global digital transformations, product developments, and expansion of the company’s global digital footprint.

Early Career

Prior to joining Roche, Jim began his career at Macmillan Publishing leading the development of channel marketing programs nationally for major retailers and national advertising buying.  Simultaneously, Jim pivoted to work with start-ups during the Internet boom era for a streaming video aggregator called ChannelSeek.com as the head of marketing. Jim continued building his commercial marketing, branding, and product development of one of the first internet-based companies called TelStreet.com with the primary focus distributing mobile phones online.  At this time, Jim handled marketing, partnerships, and ad buys with AOL prior to the social media boom. From here, Jim transitioned into the healthcare industry starting with RealMed now Availity.com which evolved his career into working with medical devices, global products, and global stakeholders leading him into various leadership and commercial positions in the leading biotech company in the world.


Jim holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Furthermore, Jim has completed multiple certifications and professional development courses from the London Business School in London, England, the Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, and MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Over the last 20 years, Jim has received awards and recognition from the industry and community for his numerous accomplishments.  He is a published writer, thought leader, keynote speaker driven to share his leadership, insights, innovation, creativity, and expertise to bridge multiple professional, industry, and academic boundaries. In addition, Jim volunteers in his industry, leadership roles, professional affiliations, and local community actively contributing and serving on advisory broads, committees, and in leadership roles.

Website: jlefevere.com