WEBINAR - Video, Voice, and Virtual: Applying New Digital Technology to Enhance Customer Experience | Thursday 21st of January - 1PM EST

2020 was a year defined by unexpected challenges – and related opportunity – for pharmaceutical marketers. The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the industry to experiment with new media, emerging technologies and innovative platforms to keep physicians, providers and patients informed, engaged and empowered. As telehealth appointments replaced office visits, webinars replaced in-person conferences and digital communication replaced reps in the field, what have we learned about how to create connection within this new paradigm? Which recent innovations are poised to become the best practices that will create measurable impact in 2021?

Join the Pharma Marketing Network and leading experts from GSK, Otsuka & Bayer as we navigate these trends and discuss what you need to know to drive continued innovation and impact for your brands in 2021 and beyond.


Meet Our Guest Panelists:

Desiree Priestley, Director, Patient Support Strategy & Insights at Otsuka America Pharmaceutical


Ryan Billings, Head, US Oncology Digital Marketing & Customer Experience at GSK


Kristen Palmer Winters, CX Americas Hub, Digital & Commercial Innovation at Bayer



Meet Our Moderator:

AmyTurnquist, Executive Vice President, Digital at ehealthcare Solutions

Amy Turnquist, Executive Vice President, Digital at ehealthcare Solutions