Your DTC Ads Stink! Pre-testing Technology Can Help

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A conversation with Lee Weinblatt, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PreTesting, about how PreTesting’s technology and insights can help you engage viewers and build brand loyalty.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

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You’re wasting millions of dollars on ads that aren’t delivering your key messages! And it has nothing to do with FDA rules. In the good old days, only pharmaceutical specialist agencies handled medical ads, most of which were directed at physicians. Now they are using the matrix that packaged goods ads use to measure effectiveness such as acceptance and so on. This is leading pharmaceutical DTC advertisers down the wrong path, according to Lee Weinblatt of PreTesting.

The PreTesting Company, based in New Jersey, has tested packages, print ads and television commercials for OTC and DTC for over 20 years. They recently developed proprietary and patent-pending technology that measures the saccadic eye movement of those reading packaging and ads, or those viewing commercials. The data and analysis they deliver to their pharma clients as a result of their saccadic measurements affects their marketing and branding approach and, as a result, their ROI. They capture activity that has not been captured previously — on a second by second basis — and pharmas and other clients have come to understand how these measurements can impact sales.

Some questions/topics that will be/were discussed

  • What major problems have you seen with DTC ads? Are drug ads too much like package goods ads?
  • What about the agencies that drug companies use to create their ads? Are they up to the task? If not, why not?
  • Why are recall and likeability of ads meaningless?
  • What should be the measure of ROI for DTC campaigns? Does increase in market share figure into that calculation?
  • What does the Pharma marketing executive need to know about how ad performance? How does Pretesting deliver on that? How do Pretesting Company’s techniques differ from other company’s techniques?

Guest Bio

Lee WeinblattLee Weinblatt is the Chief Executive Officer of The PreTesting Company, one of the largest, most technologically advanced, advertising research companies in the United States. Not only does his company test the ads and commercials of over 300 of the world’s largest companies, but it also tests physician and consumer advertising for 14 of the nation’s 20 largest pharmaceutical companies.

Mr. Weinblatt owns over 90 patents in the area of marketing and advertising research and was the original inventor of the consumer Eye Movement recorder. With over 30 years of experience in the marketing advertising research field, he was the co-founder of Perception Research Services, past President of Telcom Research and is President of MediaCheck, Inc., Audience Science Measurement Systems, and AdGiftz, Inc..

Mr. Weinblatt received two graduate degrees at Temple University, one in Industrial Psychology and the other in Clinical Psychology. Currently, Lee is introducing a passive measurement device, which records a person’s daily exposure to television, radio and print/advertising in the home and car.

Mr. Weinblatt started his research career in March of 1969, and has been the CEO of The PreTesting Company since 1983.

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