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A conversation with Matt Wick

, Director of Sales, Pharm Force

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In today’s competitive market, pharmaceutical companies are looking to partners to provide marketing and sales outsourcing support to enhance sales initiatives. Pharm Force, a specialty sales outsourcing company located in Doylestown, PA, is one such strategic partner that offers its clients the opportunity to test new markets or marketing concepts that will a) maximize sales opportunities without sacrificing existing selling power, and b) minimize overall exposure to risk.

In this podast, Matt Wick, Director of Sales at Pharm Force, talks about services his company offers that:

  • determines the optimal return on investment for all related marketing initiatives in order to produce
  • the proper marketing mix to maximize sales
  • provides Healthcare Companies the technology and personal liaison to implement, manage, and control product In-Services where training and education are essential elements to success

  • increases the effectiveness of sales reps

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