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A conversation with John Ryder, Vice President of Sales, Skyscape, about interactive, intelligent health solutions for desktop and mobile devices, that can be an effective tool for field representatives to gain access to practitioners. (See guest bio.)

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There’s no denying that the pharmaceutical industry is challenged today more than ever before to obtain quality face-to-face interactions with physicians. Such interactions are vital to enhancing brand awareness and increasing market share.

Skyscape, a Marlborough, MA company that provides interactive, intelligent health solutions for desktop and mobile devices, offers a medically-relevant service that is highly sought-after among physicians. As a result, it has become a popular and effective tool for field representatives to gain access to practitioners.

Skyscape’s Representative Assess Program takes advantage of over 500 specialty educational titles that doctors are interested in receiving. In this podcast, John Ryder, will discuss this program and how it can increase your product’s market share.Click Here for Additional Resources

Guest Bio

John RyderJohn Ryder
John Ryder brings over 20 years of executive management experience within the life sciences industry to Skyscape with particular expertise in sales, marketing and business development.

Prior to joining Skyscape, John served as vice president of sales and marketing for Advanced Instruments, Inc., a life science instrument manufacturer where he helped grow revenues from less than $10 million to more than $21 million in five years. In addition, John improved top line revenues through building a world-class global distribution network, which expanded its sales and support services into over 85 countries.

John has also served in senior management positions in Omega Engineering and Almac Plastics, Inc. In each case, John helped the companies significantly increase revenues and penetrate new growth markets with their core technologies and products, including several key acquisitions. John has also held sales executive positions at Baxter Healthcare, Curtin Matheson Scientific and Becton Dickinson.

John has a B.S. in Health Science Education from Springfield College.

Some Questions/Topics Discussed

    1. Give us your thoughts on the current and future state of affairs as it relates to Pharma, marketing to physicians. What is being done by Pharma to counter these trends?
    2. What are Rep Access programs? Tell us about Skyscape solutions and describe a typical Rep Access case study
    3. What gifts or solutions do physicians appreciate the most from pharmaceutical reps?
    4. What are some of the guidelines for gifts to physicians? How does Skyscape Rep Access programs comply with these guidelines?
    5. What are the results of Skyscape’s recent survey regarding trends in POC mobile technology?
    6. Any final thoughts concerning the electronic mobile healthcare industry?

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