Insights on Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Access and Appointment Policies of U.S. Office-based Physicians Click Here for Additional Resources

A conversation with David Escalante Jr., President and Chief Operating Officer, SK&A Information Services, Inc. A conversation focusing on highlights from SK&A’s recently completed research on the pharma sales rep access policies of U.S. office-based physicians.

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Completing its groundbreaking U.S. Physician Access study announced in January, SK&A Information Services, Inc., a leading provider of healthcare information, research and insights, has found a quarter of all office-based physicians require pharmaceutical or medical device sales representatives to make an appointment in order to see a physician to deliver sales and marketing promotion and other healthcare related services. The study also reveals the larger the size of the practice, the more likely an appointment is required. These findings are based on a comprehensive telephone survey of 230,000 medical practices representing 640,000 doctors.

“For the first time pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies now have the data at the physician and site level to do comprehensive, strategic planning of personal and non-personal promotion,” says Escalante.Click Here for Additional Resources

Guest Bio

David EscalanteDavid Escalante Jr.
In 2007, David Escalante joined SK&A as its president and COO. He has more than 14 years of experience in delivering sales and marketing solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Escalante has worked with nearly all the top-50 U.S. and international pharmaceutical companies, and is familiar with the business, technology, processes, and data required for healthcare companies to market successfully. Escalante’s most recent positions were vice president at MarketRx, a provider of sales and marketing effectiveness solutions to pharmaceutical and biotech firms, and vice president of product management at Dendrite International, a leader in pharmaceutical services. In both positions he developed multiyear growth strategies for new and existing products in global markets. Escalante is a graduate of Rutgers University, with a B.A. in computer science and history.

Some Questions/Topics Discussed

    1. Why is there a need for a survey of this type?
    2. How does your study differ from other studies on this topic?
    3. What was the methodoloy, how many physicians were surveyed, and what types of physicians?
    4. What are some of the top-level conclusions and how does this information help pharmaceutical marketing and sales?

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