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A conversation with Laura Pfister, VP, Interactive Media & SEM, IGNITE HEALTH
Jason Youner , Conference Director, ExL Pharma

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Search engine technology is rapidly advancing and your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy can no longer be focused solely on driving people to a Web site and your legal/regulatory people may not be as well educated about search as they should be.

According to experts, organic search is evolving to integrate more social networking (ie, consumer-generated content), video and enhanced media into the results. The future of search engine pharma marketing is to develop and integrate digital assets such as video and maybe even blogs and other social media into the marketing mix. Johnson & Johnson, for example, is doing that with its innovative YouTube channel.

When fewer than 13% of consumers visit drug brand websites, it makes sense to develop these other assets that come up as the result of organic search. That gives consumers and healthcare professionals looking for health-related videos and blogs the opportunity to see your message in other areas of the web than just the product website.Click Here for Additional Resources

Guest Bio

Laura PfisterLaura Pfister, joined Ignite in 2004 and serves in the capacity of Vice President of Interactive Media and Search Engine Marketing. She graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Psychology with a concentration in Marketing Research. Laura’s experience crosses numerous brands and diseases, both patient and HCP, as she works to strategically guide interactive media and both natural and paid search engine marketing initiatives. Additionally, she possesses experience across a variety of platforms, from eDetail recruitment, rich media, in-text, CPA, to using media for market research recruitment and also multilingual campaigns.

Buddy ScaleraBuddy Scalera, is an innovative content developer with 15 years of writing and editing experience in the pharmaceutical and entertainment industries. At CommonHealth, Buddy heads the Content and Market Research divisions of Qi Interactive, which includes the rapidly growing Search Engine Marketing team. He has managed online marketing campaigns for consumers and physicians using Flash, HTML, and video. Buddy has written and edited content for newspapers, websites, promotional videos, CD-ROMs, books, text books, comic books, magazines, and more.

Jason YounerJason Youner, is a Conference Director at ExL Pharma (www.exlpharma.com) where he researches, organizes, markets and executes training conferences for the pharmaceutical industry. The majority of his events focus on pharmaceutical marketing. His flagship event is Digital Pharma, the leading forum for exploring New Media and New Marketing for the pharma industry. A new edition of this event is taking place overseas, called Digital Pharma Europe, being held in Barcelona in March of ’09. Other conferences in his portfolio also include: Pharmaceutical Search Engine Marketing, Pharma Pricing & Reimbursement and Pharma Sampling Strategies.

Some Questions/Topics Discussed

    1. Aligning compliance with emerging technology
    2. The power of Universal Search
    3. The multichannel/integrated approach to search: It’s not just the web site
    4. Search is very cost effective, but will that mean more focus on search in future marketing budgets?
    5. What are we trying to accomplish with search from an ROI perspective?

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