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A conversation with Brian Kaplan M.D., founder & Chairman, and Bob Terwilliger, CEO & President, of AccuDial Pharmaceutical about the safety and efficacy of over-the-counter (OTC) medications for children and their company’s patented weight-based dosing labeling product.

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Dosing by weight, rather than age, is a core issue of the safety and efficacy of over-the-counter medications for children. Many pharmaceutical manufacturers state on their label or Web site, “If possible, dose by weight.” However, on their bottle and box, they only provide dosing directions by general age groups because there is not enough room to provide dosing directions by specific weight. For example, dosing directions on a popular cough medication for children in the 6 to 12 age group, with weights ranging from 48 pounds to 96 pounds, all receive the same dose of medication. By weight-based dosing standards, only the children weighing 48 pounds to 52 pounds would receive the therapeutically correct dose. The remainder would be under-dosed by 10%-90%.

“Dosing errors and accidental ingestions are the leading causes of adverse events in children related to analgesic, allergy, and cough and cold medications,” stated Brian Kaplan M.D., founder of AccuDial. “It has been my experience that when dosed correctly, over-the-counter medications work properly. But when we under-dose, we are not giving our children the therapeutically correct amount of medication, causing symptoms to return before the next scheduled dosing.” Dr. Kaplan is an emergency room physician with over 15 years’ experience who is used to seeing the results of inaccurate dosing. “I recommend weight-based dosing to all my patients.”

AccuDial spent years developing a revolutionary patented system for children’s over-the counter medication. “Our family of eight products features the first weight-based dosing system that has an easy-to-use rotating label. Dosage is based on a child’s weight and is in two-pound increments for children up to 95 pounds,” said Robert Terwilliger, president and CEO of AccuDial. “I’ve met with hundreds of parents. They want to give their children the correct medication, in the correct dosage, and this is what AccuDial created.”

Questions/Topics To Be Discussed

  • How much of a problem is overdosing children with OTC medications?
  • Please describe the Accudial weight-based dosing system. Is it easy for parents and caregivers to use?
  • Currently, what medications does Accudial offer with this sytem? When and where will these be available?
  • What’s the future? Is there any application of this or similar system for Rx medications for adults?

Guest Bio

Brian Kaplan, MDDr. Brian Kaplan MD spent more than 20 years as an Emergency Room physician and has advised thousands of parents on the proper way to dose their children, by using Weight-Based and NOT age- based dosing.

Bob TerwilligerRobert Terwilliger spent 21 years in Silicon Valley. Accudial is his fifth start-up He was founder of ARC International, Technical Data Freeway, Cad Language Systems, and Columbia Business Systems. Also, he is a published author of non-fictions novels, and he patented and various deep sea fishing products.

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