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A conversation with Jenna Woodul, EVP, Chief Community Officer, LiveWorld, Inc., about how pharma companies can manage their social media interactions using technology and “credentialed participants” for moderating and managing online discussions. (See guest bio.)

Aired LIVE on: Thursday, April 15, 2010

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How important is social engagement moderation?

“As everyone reviews priorities and budgets in this economy,” said Jenna Woodul on Jenna’s Blog, “one tendency is to focus on the basics by spending on platform and features. However… those who have experience with online community know that a company must also commit resources — internal or outsourced — to support the social tone and culture of its community. Otherwise, community growth can plateau or at least grow much more slowly than it might. As [a] client puts it, ‘if I don’t give them something to do, they’ll just sit there.’ Isn’t that true whether we’re talking about inviting people into our own homes or into online communities? We’ve seen communities go from stagnant to thriving based on the efforts of genuinely interested, topically savvy, culturally resonant hosting.”

Recent pharma company experience with social media discussions (see Additional Resources) demonstrate how important it is to properly manage online communities.

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • What’s wrong with how many pharma companies are currently managing their social media campaigns?
  • What’s your opinion of moderation? Should pharmacos moderate posts BEFORE they are published on their social media sites? Or should they only remove posts that violate the terms AFTER they are posted automatically?
  • Can you explain what kind of moderation is possible for social networking sites such as Facebook and Youtube? Are there limitations that pharma companies should be aware of? How can these limitations be overcome?

Guest Bio

Jenna WoodulJenna Woodul is co-founder and Chief Community Officer of LiveWorld, a social marketing agency with 20+ years creating, operating, and moderating online communities.

Jenna oversees the LiveWorld definition of community culture, strategic planning through community development, and the ongoing evolution of the LiveWorld model for social interaction as it changes through technical innovation.

She works with clients as executive sponsor and consultant, and manages LiveWorld’s community management and moderation teams.

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