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A conversation with Tom Chernaik (see bio), Founder and CEO of CMP.LY, about his company’s unique proprietary technology that enables advertisers and agencies to document compliance and measure the effectiveness of social marketing campaigns.

Shown on the left are badges that are displayed on blogs, etc. to easily show readers key disclosure information such as whether the creator of the content has received samples or money in exchange for writing a review.

See the background information below and listen to the podcast for details about CMP.LY’s technology is applicable to the regulated pharmaceutical industry.

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CMP.ly/0CMP.LY was created in response to a continued push for transparency and honesty in blogging and within social media and digital communications.

CMP.LY facilitates disclosure and provides a simple and easy method to disclose material connections in the content that you publish. CMP.LY disclosures follow a standard naming convention that is easy for readers to understand and can be used for disclosures in print, online, SMS, tweets or other digital communications.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued revised Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising to include blog posts, word of mouth campaigns and even twitter messages. These revised rules take effect on December 1, 2009 but, until today, there was no established structure or format for disclosures to follow.

Included in the CMP.LY solution are a series of simple and transparent disclosures that are identifiable at a quick glance, even within the tight constraints of 140 character twitter messages. CMP.LY is a proposed standard for disclosure of material connections as required under the revised guidelines.

CMP.LY is eagering awaiting FDA social media guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry and expects to offer a solution that will help pharmaceutical companies comply with those guidelines.

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • Should pharma marketers wait for FDA guidelines before planning social media initiatives?
  • Does the broadcast model apply in online and digital applications? Are there workable alternatives to the one-click rule?
  • How can lessons learned in FTC compliance be applied to FDA and pharma?
  • FDA or FTC? Who’s guidelines should we follow?
  • Describe CMP.LY’s “badge” technology and how it can facilitate disclosure, compliance with ever-changing FDA regulations, and measurement of social media campaign effectiveness (ie, ROI).
  • Is CMP.LY seeking endorsement by FDA?

Guest Bio

Tom ChernaikTom Chernaik is the Founder of CMP.LY. Working with leading brands, agencies and PR firms, Tom has been on the forefront of digital marketing in Web 2.0. With a focus on brands leveraging Word of Mouth and social media, he has developed innovative enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 brands and an emerging standard for compliance with FTC and other regulatory requirements. He studied at Cardozo School of Law and was a founding member of the ad sales team, spending 5+ years integrating national brand sponsors and advertisers with programming at XM Radio. Prior to XM, Tom spent a decade in the entertainment business with roles at Arista Records and Sonicnet as well as leadership executive roles at independent record label Gotham Records, Track Entertainment and innovative music startup AllIndie.com.

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