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A conversation with Grace Soyao (see bio), Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Self Care Catalysts Inc., a health research and strategy company, about her company’s unique and proprietary processes and tools specifically designed using health psychology to understand how today’s patients/healthcare consumers make healthcare decisions.

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Self Care Catalysts’ Patient Intelligence Insights Guide™ on Diabetes is the only integrated patient-and consumer-centric report that explores how people suffering from an invisible condition such as diabetes actually circumnavigate their health condition, using the unique Self Care Health Decision Making Dynamics framework™. It is an example of what Grace Soyao means by “Finding the Consumer within the Patient.”

The Patient Intelligence Insights Guide™ dissects and connects information and insights that will enable market researchers, marketers, business development managers, innovation champions and health care professionals to use it for business planning. Some of the strategic applications of this report are:

  • Patient Segmentation: The Unique Profiles of Prediabetes, Type 1, and Type 2 Patient Classes
  • Understanding the Buying Process
  • Strategic Initiatives to Enhance Patient Self-Monitoring Practices
  • Development of Effective Medication Self Adherence Programs
  • Improving Patient-Physician Conversations
  • Creation of Relevant Integrated Diabetes Self Care Systems
  • Empowering Diabetes Circle of Care Givers and Supporters
  • Ideation Platform for New Product Solutions: Technology, Support Services, Self Monitoring, and Adherence Systems

Questions/Topics To Be Discussed

  • What is self care and why is it important for pharma marketers to understand it?
  • What is the health paradox you talk about?
  • You say you “find the consumer within the patient” – what do you mean by that?
  • How do you find the consumer within the patient?
  • What do your clients do with the insights you provide?

Guest Bio

Grace Soyao

Grace Soyao is the Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Self Care Catalysts Inc. Self Care Catalysts enables organizations to discover growth opportunities by understanding complex health behaviour to drive behaviour change.

Grace has more than 25 years of international and North American experience as a Senior Marketing practitioner and business strategist for various multinational companies and clients for various strategic engagements in the Health and Self Care industry. Grace worked as a Business/Marketing Strategist consultant for some of the major pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

Grace had the opportunity to launch, build and grow brands in the areas of Pharmaceutical prescription products, OTC and Consumer Packaged goods. She has extensive experience in New Product Launches, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances and Partnerships and Professional and Consumer marketing.

Grace is also an active community volunteer and supporter. She established Grow for Social Chage, BookStorming for Social Change, Lifted Clouds Community and was a member of the Grant Review Team of the Ontario Trillium and was a Board Member at the Halton Women’s Centre.

Grace is a lifelong learner, a book enthusiast, a seriously curious and tenacious individual who ventures into various pursuits beyond her professional industry.

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