Diabetes Co-stars Casting Call Contest Sanofi US to Develop Documentary Featuring Real Patients and Their StoriesThe Benefits of Virtual Social TherapyBruce Braughton, Vice President, Insulin Franchise for Sanofi U.S. (see Bio), about the “Diabetes Co-stars Casting Call” contest and the use of real patients and their stories in promotional documentaries.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

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Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress Elizabeth Perkins, who is living with type 1 diabetes, is partnering with Sanofi US on the Diabetes Co-Stars awareness campaign to produce a new documentary. If you are a person living with diabetes, you could win a co-starring role in a new short film produced by and featuring Elizabeth Perkins (“Spokesperson”). You have until December 16, 2012 to submit your dtory. to the nationwide casting call.

Diabetes Co-Stars Casting Call from MultiVu Video on Vimeo.

Many pharmaceutical companies have used and continue to use celebrity spokespersons to help promote brand drugs and/or disease awareness. And a few drug companies have solicited video testimonials from patients. A handful have even created dcoumentary films for distribution. Sanofi is going one step beyond by not only soliciting videos and personal stories, but also openly using the process to “discover” talent via an online casting call.

Winners Annouced!

Diabets Co-Star Winners

Judging was based on the following:

  1. Desire to participate in the “Diabetes Co-Stars Casting Call” film and level of passion/enthusiasm to be featured in the film,
  2. Degree of commitment to diabetes management, based on personal story, and
  3. Ability to inspire others.

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • Tell us more about the “Diabetes Co-Stars Casting Call” documentary. Will it be shown in movie theaters or just on the website? Do you have a title yet? When will the documentary be released?
  • Why did Elizabeth Perkins get involved? What’s her story? You already have paid celebrity spokespeople as “Co-stars.” Why do you need to have real patients/non-celebrities as well in the documentary?
  • How do people enter the Diabetes Co-Stars casting call? Tell us more about what you are looking for in terms of contestants and stories.
  • Who are the “judges” who determine the winners of this contest?
  • What are the “prizes”? Can you provide details regarding compensation?
  • How has the response been so far? Have you received many videos? Will some of these videos be available to view on the website/Youtube even if they are not winners?
  • Where can listeners find more information about Diabetes Co-Stars?

Guest Bio

Bruce BraughtonBruce Braughton is Vice President, Insulin Franchise for Sanofi U.S. where he currently is responsible for the US operations for in-line and developmental insulin products and services. Prior to this role, Bruce has held positions such as the VP, Sales & Marketing for the Allergy Business Unit and VP, Sales ∓ Marketing for Dermik. Bruce joined sanofi in 1991 and has held various leadership positions within marketing, sales operations, sales management, and sales. Bruce earned a bachelor degree in Marketing from Bloomsburg University and an MBA from Bucknell University.

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