Novo Nordisk Defends Choice of Paula Deen as Diabetes Spokesperson The Celebrity is the Message

Paula DeenUnless you are living under a rock on the Moon, you’ve probably heard that Novo Nordisk has teamed up with celebrity Southern-style chef Paula Deen as a paid spokesperson.

You also probably know that Deen has Type 2 diabetes and that Novo makes a drug to treat that condition and that Deen is currently taking that drug.

And you must know that Novo Nordisk and Deen have taken a lot of heat — eg, bad publicity — about this new relationship.

What you may not have heard or known about, however, is the name of the drug that Deen is being paid to promote, how it works, and whether it is effective.

The drug is Victoza, a once-daily, non-insulin injection that may improve blood sugar levels in adults with Type 2 diabetes when used along with diet and exercise.

We also do not know if all the bad publicity has helped or hurt Novo’s efforts to promote its new “Diabetes in a New Light” website, which features new, diabetes-friendly recipes from Deen and her sons, Bobby and Jamie.

Considering all the bad publicity, Pharma Marketing News asked Ambre Morley, Associate Director, Product Communications, Novo Nordisk, to be a guest on Pharma Marketing Talk where she answered questions about why her company teamed up with Deen as a diabetes spokesperson.

Topics include:

  • Why Did you Chose Paula Deen?
  • Deen Versus Hoity-Toity Bourdain
  • Not My Mama’s Meals
  • What About Social Media, Y’all?
  • The Celebrity Is the Message
  • Deen Now Emphasizes Eating in Moderation
  • Show Us the Money!
  • SURVEY: Use of Celebrities by Pharma

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Issue: Vol. 11, No. 1
Publication date: 26 January 2012
Word Count: 4,610

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