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A conversation with Dr. Ina Weisshardt, recently employed by MSD (Merck & Co.), discusses the educational partnership between univadis — MSD’s physician portal — and the BMJ group to role-out a truly pan-European physician educational platform.

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Thursday, November, 6, 2008


We all have read in the news about Pfizer in the US and its decision not to back CME courses provided by for-profit, third-party companies but only courses developed by academia and universities (see “Pfizer to stop funding for-profit CME“). Also other companies are evaluating new approaches through collaborations with independent organizations or through separation of their educational departments within the orgnization as well as through collaoration with web 2.0 physician communities (eg, Pfizer and Sermo; see “Pfizer has a Gold Mine in Sermo!“).

While at MSD, Weisshardt set up the objective to increase physicians value through providing access to unbiased health information and medical education as a not-for-profit service based on an identified need for physicians. One “tool” for this was the launch of MSD’s medical platform “univadis”, a unique international initiative with local presence and adaptation to local needs.

Questions/Topics Discussed

  • What is your take on how CME in Europe is changing?
  • Please describe how univadis addresses these changes.
    • When was it launched and how does it operate in many different countries?
    • Tell us about the users and where content comes from.

Guest Bio

Ina WeisshardtIna Weisshardt
Dr Ina Weisshardt graduated from medical school in Frankfurt, Germany, in general medicine and a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology, department of clinical pharmacology, university Frankfurt.

After having worked in nephrology & endocrinology she joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1992 as clinical monitor/research manager. After 5 years in research she moved over to the marketing department of MSD, Germany, and was responsible for launching COZAAR in HF.

In 2004 she left the marketing department of MSD, Germany, and became responsible for the MAXALT franchise and eMarketing as European Marketing Director Europe, Middle East & Africa, based in Whitehouse Station, NJ.

Since 2007 she relocated back to Germany and has been responsible for developing a new strategy for CME and implementing a new organizational structure for CME, including eCME, at the new MSD RBSC headquarters in Munich.

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