The virtual NextGen Pharma Content Summit on March 23-24, 2021 focused on the importance of creating personalized and genuine content for their customers in the right place and at the right time.

Sessions throughout the summit touched on the many ways that companies can convey the right message to their customers. By creating personalized and meaningful messages to customers, companies can build trust and earn brand loyalty.   

Between utilizing new data and implementing AI in the center of customer strategies, companies have already started focusing on how to grow an emotional connection with their audience.

Here are three sessions that discuss how you can start creating more personalized and impactful digital campaigns:

Using Data to Devise and Deliver Compelling Online Content Campaigns

 Before creating any digital campaign, it is important to first understand your audience and your data. Bridging together all of your data on past campaigns including cost per click, impressions, engagement, and unique visitors is key to improving future campaigns.

By understanding your data, you can enhance customer interactions on digital campaigns and build an emotional connection with your audience. Analyzing and adapting with your data will lead to more efficient targeting.

The data on digital campaigns will speak for itself. It is important that companies trust their data so that they can be led in the right direction. If the impressions and engagements on your campaigns are decreasing, you may need to reevaluate why you aren’t seeing improvements.

A decrease in campaign engagement can be the result of a number of different factors. Maybe your campaign was running on the wrong platform where it couldn’t reach your audience, or your copy was too lengthy, or your image was low quality.

In order to improve your campaigns, you should always try to stay on top of your data and adapt your strategies to the needs of your audience.

Driving Improvements in Marketing with AI-driven Intelligent Customer Engagement

As we already know, AI can improve customer engagement and help us understand our audience in a more efficient way. Implementing AI and other emerging technologies will help companies develop stronger relationships with their clients. 

Customer experience is based on these 6 pillars: personalization, expectations, resolutions, integrity, empathy, and ease of use. In combination, these 6 pillars can provide an efficient mechanism that helps companies truly understand how their customer experience is being delivered.

One type of AI that is frequently used within the pharma industry are intelligent virtual assistants utilized through chatbots. AI chatbots deliver timely and relevant content to customers at any time of the day. Pharma companies have been leveraging chatbots as a way to implement personalization and ease of use within their customer experience strategy.

 Chatbots can display human characteristics and replicate a two-way conversation making the customer experience more personalized and efficient. Chatbots also support patients by allowing them to receive information and answers about concerns on their conditions at any time of the day.

Lessons Learned in Content Marketing to Build Trust in Your Brand in Uncertain Times

During times of uncertainty, people have been relying on trusted online sources for information. The sources that people are looking for online are from companies that want to build trust among their customers. Therefore, it is important that these companies are producing content that is relevant, authentic, and provides value to their customers.

Authenticity with empathy builds long-term trust. According to a recent Business Wire survey, “90% of consumers value authenticity when deciding which brands they want to support.” 

People want to feel connected to brands. This means that companies should focus on producing useful, high-quality, and genuine content throughout their channels that will help develop their company’s tone of voice. With companies bringing out their human side, customers will feel more engaged with their content.

Companies can maintain and build their brand’s personality by staying relevant and being vulnerable with their customers. It is important that companies are engaging and interacting with their audiences through multiple channels. 

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in, and be what people are interested in.” – Kris Michael Diaz


NextGen Pharma Content Summit is produced by Momentum Events