Bradley Merrill Thompson: Coming Soon: FDA Guidance on Regulation of Clinical Decision Support (CDS)...

Bradley Merrill Thompson, Member of the Firm at Epstein Becker & Green and General Counsel to the mHealth Regulatory Coalition, warns of FDA mobile guidance that the drug industry should be concerned about: new guidelines regarding FDA's regulation of clinical decision support (CDS) software.

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Making Sense of DTC Ad Spending

In this 6-minute audio snippet, Pharmaguy talks about how much money the U.S. pharmaceutical industry spends on promoting drugs to consumers. The data come from several sources, which often report different numbers. That makes it difficult to ferret out what portion of the total is spend on TV and digital, the two most interesting channels.

Jeff Tangney: How Doximity Creates Online Physician “Niche” Communities & Discussions

In this 2-minute audio snippet, Jeff Tangney, CEO & Founder, Doximity, talks about online physician chat rooms and how 'niche' communities are created around specific content posted to the site.

Paul Ivans: Seeking Clarification on FDA Guidance Regarding Placement of Promotional Messages on 3rd-Party...

In this 3-minute audio snippet, Paul Ivans, President and CEO, Evolution Road, LLC, reviews comments he submitted to the FDA regarding clarification of FDA's intent on how it will regulate the placement of pharma promotional messages on independent 3rd-party Web sites.

Todd D. Clark: What Can Pharma Do to Avoid the Slow-Growth Trap?

In this 3-minute audio snippet, Todd D. Clark, President of Value of Insight Consulting and the author of pharmahandbook and generichandbook, discusses a few ideas on how the pharmaceutical industry can avoid the slow-growth trap in the U.S. market.


Pharmaguy™ is a Pharma Marketing 'Constructive' Critic, Blogger & Chief Pundit at

AMA Struggles to Reign in Consumer Drug Ads

You have to give kudos to the good doctors and policy makers of the American Medical Association for trying over the course of many to ban or in some way curtail direct-to-consumer drug ads by pharmaceutical companies. The latest effort focuses on drug price transparency in ads. Will it succeed where the other efforts have failed?

Shona Davies and Sean Nicholson: How Do You Define “Engagement?”

In this 3-minute audio snippet, Shona L. Davies, Communications & Programme Leader, Univadis, and Sean Nicholson, Senior Director, Social Media, Intouch Solutions, define what they mean by social media

Jerry Matczak: Open Innovation Engages Patients in Pharma R&D

In this 4-minute audio snippet, Jerry Matczak, Community Manager for the Lilly Clinical Open Innovation Team, explains how the Internet, transparency, sharing innovation, and engaging patients in online communities can change how pharmaceutical companies do research.
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