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The Future of Brand Marketing: Will You be in the Mix?

As pharma marketers explore new channels for the future marketing mix allocated to their campaigns, care should be taken to balance impact with “risk” — risk of increased regulation, bad publicity, and consumer pushback. Attendees of CBI’s Pharmaceutical Media Mix Summit will learn how to optimize the media mix to achieve the greatest impact, with the least risk and the highest ROI. — John Mack, Editor, Pharma Marketing News

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Special Supplement
Relationship Marketing
Direct, Targeted, Permission-based Marketing Builds Relationships, Increases ROI and Improves Patient Compliance
A New Addition to the Pharma Marketing News Archives!

Rel Mkting Supplement Cover OVERVIEW

Many experts agree that Relationship Marketing (RM) should be a natural for the pharmaceutical industry, which needs to support the long-term use of their products and help patients remain compliant with their treatment regime.

But not many pharmaceutical marketers understand what relationship marketing is and how it differs from other forms of marketing that they traditionally employ.

This collection of Pharma Marketing News articles, blog posts, and survey results provides you with an excellent introduction to the many facets and uses of pharmaceutical relationship marketing.


30 Pages

    Relationship Marketing:

  • Relationship Marketing Program Management for Pharmaceutical Marketers
  • Evolve Your Brand Into a Relationship With Consumers and Physicians
  • Out-of-the-Box Marketing: Will It Work for Pharma?
  • Out-of-the-Box Marketing: Survey Results
  • Personalized eMarketing: How can you create and profit from a customer’s lifetime experience?
  • Targeted Patient Marketing:

  • Patient Detailing at the Point of Care
  • Behavioral Targeting: Pros & Cons
  • To Build Patient Adherence, Pfizer Puts Technology Behind the Curtain
  • Leverage Health Beliefs to Develop Effective Online Compliance Programs
  • Advoy: A Web-based Therapy Management Program
  • Targeted Physician Marketing:

  • Marketing to a Segment of One Physician
  • Whose Data Is It Anyway?
  • Use of Rx Data Survey Results
  • Direct to Physician Telemarketing and Sales


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