The Digital Life of Doctors Understanding How Physicians Live Online

Digital Life

While primary care physicians (PCPs) in general are frequent users of the Internet, oncologists see online sources of information as more important than PCPs and therefore may need less personal contact to learn about products.

That was just one of the results from the 2011 Digital Life survey of 1,454 physicians (PCPs and oncologists) that Oliver Feiler, Senior Consultant, Stakeholder Management, Kantar Health, presented during a September 21, 2011, webinar.

This article summarizes that presentation as well as other data relating to the digital life of physicians globally.

Topics include:

  • Pharma’s Growing Interest in the Digital Doctor
  • Digital Life Healthcare Survey Results
  • General Online Population vs Online Docs
  • Analysis of Online Physician Segments – PCPs vs. Oncologists
  • The Online Behavior and Demands of HCPs in Europe

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 18
Publication date: 1 December 2011
Word Count: 2286

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