A New Media Role for Sales Reps

TeleWebPhysician detailing remains a dominant channel for drug promotion. It accounts for 55% of the total pharma promotional spend (69% if you take samples out of the equation). Although the total spend on detailing is decreasing, there is a continued shift from traditional detailing to e-detailing.

“Traditional forms of promotion, such as face-to-face detailing and meetings, are becoming less commonplace, while internet media such as e-detailing and e-meetings are growing at a fast and steady pace,” according to Cegedim. “Tele-detailing” accounts for 49% of the new media channel physician promotional spend and “TeleWeb e-Detailing,” which combines phone and Web site, is a growing trend.

This article summarizes Eli Lilly’s experience using TeleWeb e-detailing in Europe.

Topics include:

  • Promotional Mix Depends on the Brand
  • New Media Promotion Increasing
  • Tele-Detailing is Prevalent
  • Chart: Promotional Spending Trends by Channel
  • Chart: Top Brands in Promotion Spending
  • Table: Top Companies in Growing Channels (2010)
  • Chart: New Media Average Monthly Spending 2006-2010
  • A Lilly Case Study
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • TeleWeb and Face-to-Face Call Synergies
  • Will TeleWeb Calls Replace Field Calls?

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Issue: Vol. 10, No. 6
Publication date: 30 March 2011
Word Count: 1673

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