Pharma Trends to Watch in 2006 Survey Topline Results
This is the time of the year when we all look into our crystal balls and try to come up with predictions for the new year. In December, 2005, for example, Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine published their 2006 Forecast based on interviews with a few experts. Pharma Marketing News also hosted its 2006 Pharma Trend Survey online beginning January 9, 2006. The Pharma Marketing Roundtable met by conference call on January 12 to discuss trends as well. This article summarizes the collective wisdom from these sources.

Topics covered include:

  • Survey Topline Results
  • Increase in Generic Competition
  • Brands Caving-In to Generic Onslaught?
  • Brand Differentiation
  • R&D and the Pipeline of New Drugs
  • Dreaded Precautionary Principle
  • FDA Regulation of DTC: To Be or Not To Be?
  • Risk: I Say Relative, You Say Absolute
  • New Directions Part 1: Alternative Media
  • New Directions Part 2: Unbranded DTC

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Issue: Vol. 5, No. 1: January 2006
Word Count: 2589

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