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The following Pharma Marketing News reprints and case studies relating to “eDetailing” – the use of the Internet and/or video conferncing technology for the presentation of product details to physicians by pharmaceutical companies – are available. (Jump to List).

Special Supplement: eDetailing
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In the rush to gain Share of Voice by increasing the frequency and reach of sales calls, pharmaceutical companies may have lost sight of the value that the “detail person” has given to physicians in past years.

The declining sales force return on investment may signal that a significant adjustment will take place in how pharma companies market and sell their products to physicians. Many experts–not the least of which are the experts cited in this Special Supplement–think that eDetailing fits the bill for a solution to declining physician marketing ROI.

This Special Supplement to Pharma Marketing News brings together in one convenient document several topics and case studies on eDetailing and ePromotion to physicians.

The resultant collective wisdom of many experts both inside pharmaceutical companies and outside provide a frank assessment of the role and impact of eDetailing on physician marketing as well as the challenges that lie ahead.


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eDetailing Strategies for a Higher Physician Response
Most pharmaceutical firms have piloted eDetailing programs and scaled them successfully. However, although Traditional eDetailing has been around for at least 5 years, marketers must expand the definition of eDetailing. To this end Croom offers a Best Practice Guide for eDetailing to help pharma marketers optimize the reach and impact of eDetailing.

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e-Marketing at the Point of Care
Pharmaceutical marketing strategies are evolving more rapidly than any other time in history. The traditional detail-based marketing model is being challenged by physicians’ ever-growing time pressures and lack of time for sales reps. Given these challenges, most pharmaceutical companies are committing some level of marketing resources to e-promotion, including e-detailing and e-CME initiatives. This article reviews e-prescribing offerings of vendors like Allscripts Healthcare Solutions and ScriptRx, Inc.

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The Impact of eDetailing: Will it Complement, Replace, or Become Integrated with the Sales Force?
The number of pharmaceutical sales representatives has increased sharply in recent years. More than 90,000 representatives compete for the attention of 650,000 practicing physicians, only 125,000 of whom are top-tier prescribers. Some people, maybe physicians most of all, hope that online detailing (eDetailing) will reduce the number of office visits from all these pharmaceutical sales representatives chasing after the same docs. This article reviews a presentation on this provocative topic made by David Hauben, Director of eBusiness at Aventis Pharmaceuticals.

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Increase Prescription Sales with Smart Tools
Realizing the limitations of the printed package insert (PI), Wellscape, a technology company that provides software solutions designed to improve patient care has developed Smart-PI, which distills complex prescribing information and packages it in portable, stand-alone real-time tools accessible from web sites and available for desktop and Tablet PCs and PDAs.

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The Future of eDetailing
This article reviews a presentation made by David Ormesher, CEO of closerlook, inc. at the recent CBI eDetailing Conference in which he said, the future of eDetailing is physician relationship management. The benefits of creating long-term relationships include brand loyalty, detailed customer intelligence and sales integration with the field force.

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Optimizing eDetailing ROI
This article reviews a presentation made by Torsten Bernewitz, Principal at ZS Associates at the recent CBI eDetailing Conference in which he examined factors that drive eDetailing ROI and summarized key insights from the analysis of a variety of Pharma-sponsored ePromotion programs.

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Physician Adoption and Use of Technology at the Point of Care
This article provides insight from experts such as Mark Bard, President of Manhattan Research and David Kibbe, M.D., Director, Healthcare Information Technology, American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), on the impact of new technologies at the point of care on pharmaceutical sales and marketing.

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Thought-Leader Management: A Challenge Met
Pharmaceutical companies are continually working to establish and maintain relationships with thought leaders — influential physicians who play an important role in communicating a new therapy’s benefits for other physicians. Thought Leaders — also known as Key Opinion Leaders, or KOLs — help pharmaceutical companies identify unmet medical needs, shape clinical studies, launch products and understand critical lifecycle issues.

However, across the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, thought leader management programs have not been as effective as internal management would like, particularly in the age of the Internet, when the dissemination of information should be easier than ever, according to John Estafanous, President of Bethesda, Maryland-based Estco Medical.

This article reviews Medigent® Thought Leader, a Web-based software suite designed to dramatically improve a pharma company’s communications with Key Opinion Leaders

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Why Pharma Can’t Ignore eDetailers
This article reviews a presentation by Elizabeth W. Boehm, Forrester Research Analyst in which she stated, “Physicians are embracing online technology, so pharmaceutical marketers can — and should — embrace online physicians.” Boehm recommended that pharmas adopt some form of eDetailing to reach out to an increasingly populated and receptive target audience, and she presented multiple data sets, including results from Forrester’s 2003 Technographics Benchmark Study and eDetailing Survey, to support this position.

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