Vol. 4, No. 11: December 2005

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Article Summaries

Blogs and the Pharmaceutical Industry

Whether your company is ready to embrace blogging and produce one, several, or even hundreds of blogs, or is just interested in keeping tabs on blogs, you need to understand the essential basics of blogging, including the public’s perception of what a blog should be.

This article presents the basics of blogging and offers several examples of how pharmaceutical companies and marketers can use blogs effectively without shooting themselves in the foot!

Topics covered include:

  • “Killer” Internet Application
  • Blogs as Change Agents
  • Blogging 101
  • Pharma and Blogs: Like Oil and Water?
  • Collaboration with Health Care Professionals
  • Employee Blogs: The Secret Pharma PR Weapon
  • Blogs and Pharma Marketing
  • Challenges and Guidelines
  • Confessions of a Pharma Blogger: How I Became a Pharma Pundit

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DocCheck: Das Portal

Pharmaceutical marketing is alive and well in Europe: European physician and patient portals, which offer pharmaceutical marketing services, thrive despite the ban on DTC. This was evident from the enthusiastic interaction between speakers and attendees at the recent European Medical Portal Meeting 2005 that was recently held in Berlin, Germany. The meeting was organized by DocCheck, an Internet-based healthcare professional portal that brings together pharmaceutical companies and their clients (physicians, pharmacists, etc.).

This article describes the services offered by DocCheck and specifically focuses on the portal’s market research and physician-targeting capabilities, which any pharmaceutical marketer wishing to do professional marketing in Germany should know more about.

Topics covered include:

  • Day of the Portals
  • Universal Physician Password
  • eDetailing in Europe
  • How European Physicians Use the Internet
  • DocCheck e-Research
  • Patient Panels
  • Recruitment of Physicians and Consumers for e-Research

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Generation Rx: A Critique of Pharma “Tribal Marketing”

Greg Crister, in his new book, Generation Rx: How Prescription Drugs Are Altering American Lives, Minds, and Bodies, puts forth the notion that “big pharma” has created a nation of pharmaceutical tribes, each with its own unique beliefs, taboos, and brand loyalties. The most interesting feature of the book, however, may be the recounting of the history of direct-to-consumer (DTC) in the U.S. peppered with first-hand accounts of people who played critical roles in the making DTC advertising possible.

This article reviews this book and focuses on the roles of several key pharmaceutical marketing pioneers as described in the book.

Topics covered include:

  • DTC Unbound
  • AMA Weighs In
  • Doctors are Targets Too
  • New Jersey Country Club CEOs
  • Crister’s Criticisms

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