Vol. 14, Issue No. 7: December 2015 – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Anti-DTC Resurgence Physicians and Politicians Call for Bans, Moratoriums, & End to Tax Breaks
DTCA-Cost LinkWith the renewed focus on the high cost of drugs comes a new wave of attacks on Direct-to-Consumer Advertising (DTCA) of prescription drugs. Two factoids are making news these days:

Factoid #1: Spending on prescription drugs is increasing dramatically. The Chicago Tribune, quoting data from IMS health, reported that “Spending [in 2014] rose 13 percent [vs. 2013], the biggest jump since 2001, to a total of $374 billion” and

Factoid #2: Spending on DTCA of prescription drugs is also increasing – more so, in fact. Kanter Media reported that the drug industry increased measured media ad spending by 19% in 2014 vs 2013 to $4.5 Bn.

But is there a causal link between DTC advertising and Rx drug prices and/or total spending? This article explores this issue.

Topics (partial list):

  • AMA Calls for DTC Ban
  • The 2006 Anti-DTC Movement
  • Pharma Execs Call for Limits
  • DTC in Today’s Political Spotlight
  • Causal Link Examined
  • Benefits of DTC Advertising

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www.pharma-mkting.com/news/pmnews1407-article01.pdf How to Achieve Digital Pharma Marketing Results Dealing with Disruption
Digital Disruption“Disruption creates opportunity for those who embrace change,” begins the blurb for the book RESULTS: The Future of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing by R.J. Lewis (aka RJ) et al. Lewis is the President and CEO of eHealthcare Solutions, a vertical Internet advertising network in healthcare, which he started in 1999.

This article focuses on digital disruption, which is the chapter written by Lewis who discussed this topic during a recent Pharma Marketing Talk podcast.

Questions/Topics (partial list):

  • What are some of the biggest trends you are seeing in digital marketing today?
  • There is a shift from targeting contextually to targeting based on an audience, how is this playing out in digital marketing and where is it heading?
  • What are some examples of “data driven” targeting in online advertising?
  • What does the future hold for the newer media and platforms such as mobile and video?
  • How big of a role does societies concerns over privacy play in how the future unfolds?
  • How will the return on investment (ROI) of digital marketing be measured going forward in the new healthcare environment?
  • For the chapter on a view from the manufacturer, what are the main themes you heard from them?

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www.pharma-mkting.com/news/pmnews1407-article02.pdf The Year 2015 in Images Pharmaguy’s Favorite Images with Commentary from Pharma Marketing Blog, Pharma Marketing News, and Scoops
Pharma Year 2015 Image Collage
Contents (partial list):

  • 2014 Was Another Record Year for FDA
  • Shire & Seles Team up in B.E.D.
  • Lack of Adherence: A Pharma Haiku
  • A KOL by Any Other Name
  • Scary Rx Drug Ads
  • Pharma Sales Reps: Declined & Denied!
  • Pfizer Dominates DTC Ad Spending
  • AstraZeneca Mines Patient “Dark” Data
  • Buzzwords Heard at Industry Events
  • Kim Kardashian Shills for Pharma! No Worry – No Side Effects!
  • For First Time in Seven Years, Pharma Support of CME Increases
  • Socialize Your Patient Engagement Strategy
  • His & Hers Viagra & Addyi Monographed Hand Towels
  • Patient Centricity
  • mHealth Apps: Overwhelming Choice, Limited Proven Efficacy, Security Issues
  • Mastering Mobile Social Media to Improve Health Outcomes
  • “Yer Talkin’ Pish”
  • Is Martin Shkreli a Psychopath?
  • Amgen Wants to Own Your HIPAA Protected Health Information
  • Bayer Healthcare Grants4Apps® Team Receives Pharmaguy Pioneer Award!
  • The History of the Pharmaguy Pioneer Hawaiian Shirt

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