Underscore Case Study: How to use nuanced, DSE-based patient data to progress from Day 1 awareness to proactive segmentation for effective branded campaign launches


Healthcare companies – be it early-stage (bio)pharma, biotech or medical device – preparing to commercialize their products require a carefully thought-out marketing & media strategy that takes into consideration the different needs and requirements of the HCPs, care seekers, caregivers and patients they wish to serve. This approach must take into account where these parties are in the diagnosis and treatment journey, and use key data and insights garnered through their messaging interactions to provide the right content, at the right time, via the right channel. The result is helping HCPs provide, and patients acquire, the care they need for positive patient outcomes. Disease-state education plays a fundamental role in empowering life sciences to strike this balance, through adapting a comprehensive end-to-end approach comprising both unbranded and branded messaging that is based on reliable data and actionable insights.

Key takeaways of the case study include:

• Understanding the benefits of DSE from a media perspective and how it filters into both branded & unbranded activities

• Uncovering the nuances of different unbranded campaigns and decide which fits your product best

• Making an ideological shift: Moving from conversion-focused linear marketing, to finding and honing the right audiences.

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