My Twitter pal Jonathan Richman (@jonmrich) has another list: “10 Things to Inspire Your Digital Marketing in 2011.”

Jon likes lists. He’s written a lot of them. You should read them.

Everyone seems to like lists, especially this time of year. There’s lists for Santa before Christmas and there are lists of New Year’s resolutions.

OK, I’ve done lists too; see, for example, “Pharma’s 2010 Christmas Wish List for Santa“.

But I HATE NUMBERED LISTS, for these reasons:

  1. A numbered list implies that the first item on the list is most important. Who are you to judge?
  2. A numbered list implies that the last item on the list was included just to have 10 items on the list.
  3. All the items between (2) and (10) are worthless. Who cares about #2 or #3, etc.?
  4. You’ve probably stopped reading this list already!
  5. By now the list is really getting boring.
  6. Ditto
  7. Ditto
  8. Ditto
  9. Ditto
  10. Ditto