Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer AwardReaders of Pharma Marketing Blog may recall that last year I presented the first ever “Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award” to Alex Butler, Digital Strategy and Social Media Manager at Janssen UK (see here).

I’ve decided to make this an annual event and will present this year’s award — which is the coveted Pharmaguy Hawaiian shirt depicted in the illustration on the left — to another pharmaceutical company employee who I believe deserves recognition for doing pioneer work in social media.

I will make the presentation at ExL’s 5th Annual Digital Pharma East conference in Philadelphia (day and time TBD). I hope you will be there to witness this major event.

During the presentation, I will “pass on” the shirt that Alex Butler has been keeping safe in a secret location in the UK.

Who will be the lucky recipient of this year’s award? Will the shirt return to America and reside in the closet of an American? Time will tell.

Here’s a list of contenders. Pick the one you like. While this little poll will not determine the winner — that’s Pharmaguy’s prerogative — it will be interesting to see who readers of this blog think should be the winner.

Who Should Get the 2011 Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award?
Craig DeLarge, Novo Nordisk
Tony Jewel, AstraZeneca
Ray Kerins, Pfizer
Kevin Nalty, Janssen
Brad Pendergraph, Novartis
John Pugh, Boehringer Ingelheim
Dennis Urbaniak, Sanofi
None of the above