On Mobile Day at the Digital Pharma East conference (October 21, 2014), I presented a “formula” for creating “patient-centric” mobile health (mHealth) apps. My presentation focused on what I learned from comments made by REAL patients in a recent poll I hosted in conjunction with Truvio and WEGO Health (see “Patient Activists Demand Higher Quality Mobile Health Apps“). Here’s my updated presentation:

The “formula” (see below) was inspired by a recent #mHealthPharma Tweet Chat that I moderated on October 9, 2014, at the request of the Mobile Health Competence Centre in Barcelona (find a StoryLine summary here).

So what is the “formula?”

This formula is actually a rephrasing of the one presented by @estherdelcampo (Esther del Campo, a journalist in Barcelona & a “social media ninja”). Esther posted this version of the formula:

satisfying patients’needs + transparency + reliability in managing the health data = a quality mHealth app

“Health Data Security” was my interpretation of Esther’s “reliability in managing the health data,” which probably is more patient-friendly. But you get the idea: it’s about privacy and data security, two topics I have written about often (see, for example, “Many Smartphone Apps Lack Privacy Policies“).

After the presentation, David L. Scher, MD, noted that “Efficacy” was missing from my original formula. I added that within “Satisfy Patients’ Needs” in the updated version as shown above.