Pfizer is getting hit from all sides regarding its clunky-looking Exubera inhaler.

It Ain’t No iPOD!
Back in June, Amy Tenderich, author behind award-winning blog Diabetes Mine, wrote:

“Because for any PWD [person with diabetes] with an actual social life, Exubera inhaled insulin is looking like a bomb. As I told the reps at the ADA conference frankly, the science behind it IS revolutionary, and we PWDs are grateful for strides in alternative insulin delivery, of course! But the Exubera Inhaler Device really is as bad as it looks in pictures. Worse, because the bulky “white” plastic portions are not white at all, but that hospital-grade biege that reminds you of walkers and bedpans. An aesthetic nightmare, in the age of cool gadgetry.” (See “Exubera ‘Bong’ OK for Older Folks?“)

Recently, Amy quipped “Are you happy to see me, or is that just your Exubera Bong?”

Pfizer is said to be planning “to use television commercials to pitch the first inhaled insulin treatment directly to diabetics after the product failed to catch on with doctors.” (See “Pfizer Risks Doctors’ Ire Pitching Drug to Diabetics“)

My advice to the people working on the DTC campaign: Don’t use the video you have on the Exubera Web site showing someone using the device in a restaurant! I don’t think it shows the device in the best possible light.

BTW, if the device fails as an insulin delivery system, Pfizer no doubt has plans to use the technology for other drugs. Here’s a billion dollar idea: develop a version for delivery of “medical” marijuana and then lobby in support of the legalization of marijuana! Now that would make us old folks happy to see ya!