Michael Parks, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Centocor, Inc. and the brains behind CNTO411 (see “CNTO411: A New Pharmaceutical Company Blog“) plans to be a guest on today’s Pharma Marketing Talk podcast about Centocor’s new blog.

Michael just could not miss the excitement, especially after PharmaGossip’s Jack Friday threw down the gauntlet by launching his CentocorGossip counter-blog (see “CentocorGossip: An ‘Unofficial’ Centocor Blog!“).

Hope you join us for this LIVE podcast and online CHAT session today a 2 PM Eastern.

I will be interviewing Melissa Katz and Michael Parks in a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast on Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at 2 PM. To learn more about this and get instructions for listening in and participating in this podcast, please click here.