I’m getting some pretty amusing responses to the following question asked in my Survey regarding PhRMA’s New Code on Interactions with Physicians:

The code document has a Q&A section that lists several scenarios that are allowed or disallowed by the code. Here’s an example: “A district sales manager at Company C invites 30 physicians to a corporate suite at a professional baseball game for a 45-minute scientific and educational presentation followed by a buffet and the three-hour game. Does this conform to the Code?” Just for fun, can you can think up a scenario that may need to be reviewed by PhRMA to determine if it IS or IS NOT permissible under the new guidelines?

The response that inspired the image shown here was:

A district sales manager at Company C invites 30 physicians to a strip club for a 45-minute scientific and educational presentation. The rep speaks from the speaker booth and the presentation is a power point which is projected on a screen on the stage behind the stripper pole, while food, drinks, and lap dances are served to the physicians at their seats in front of the stage. (please de-identify me, thanks!)

You are de-identified sir!

Do you have any other scenarios that I can submit to PhRMA for their feedback? Tell me by taking the survey here.

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