Montel Williams, CEO of Letnom Management & Productions, and official spokesperson of PhRMA’s Partnership for Prescription Assistance, who recently threatened to “blow up” a 17-year old female intern working for the Savannah Morning News (see back story here), is looking for a “responsible, reliable, and eager” unpaid intern to work during Spring 2008 semester.

Here are the details (modified from the real deal posted on

Montel Williams Office/Letnom Management and Productions i
This is a PART TIME Unpaid Internship
Location: Definitely NOT Savannah, GE; more like New York City (which needs more bomb threats like a hole in the head)
Date Posted: 11/8/2007 1:33:34 PM
Description: Montel Wiliams Office/ Letnom Management and Productions is currently seeking Spring ’08 interns to assist in daily tasks including but not limited to: kissing up to Montel, telling him what a great “Star” he is, answering phone calls from PhRMA’s Billy Tauzin crying about “damage control,” researching into how to make and deliver bombs without leaving any traces for the FBI to follow, submitting to daily threats from Montel, plus other “normal” office duties.
Requirements: Qualified candidates should be enrolled in an accredited college or university. High School seniors also OK. Must be over 18, however. Montel doesn’t want any trouble from federal authorities — part of the job requires crossing state lines.

Must be able to receive harsh — extremely harsh — criticism without filing a police report or writing about it in blogs.

Applicants must be able to commit to 2 FULL days per week for a total of 16 hours a week.

Must be responsible, reliable, and eager to learn about the entertainment business. That includes the dark side as well. You know, the side where “stars” consider themselves above the law and get away with all kinds of outlandish behavior that would get mere mortals into deep doo doo.

Seriously, I made up a lot of the above BUT Montel is REALLY looking for interns! In case the link above doesn’t work — Letnom/Montel may be smart enough to remove the job listing after they get wind of this post — I captured the screen (see image below, which you can click on to enlarge).

Normally, I would say “good luck with that” search for an intern given the fact that Montel has made a physical threat to at least one intern. However, I imagine there are many, many desperate college students hoping to break into the entertainment industry who would just LOVE to work for Montel. Despite my spoof, I have no doubt that he will treat HIS intern with the utmost respect and, should he ever cross the line and behave badly, he will apologize and send flowers. I also believe in peace and goodwill for all mankind.

P.S. Hopefully, this will be the last post about Montel Williams. I just HAD to post this — the irony (if that is the right term) was just too precious not to share with my readers!