Good news! The book, Socialize Your Patient Engagement Strategy, which I co-authored with Letizia Affinito, has been published!

Socialize Your Patient Engagement Strategy
makes the case for a fundamentally new
approach to healthcare communication;
one that mobilizes patients, healthcare
professionals and uses new media to enable
gathering, sharing and communication of
information to achieve patient-centricity and
provide better value for both organizations (in
terms of profit) and patients (in terms of better
service and improved health).

Order the book here.

I also have a few [autographed] copies I can give away to colleagues who wish to write glowing reviews such as this one by Mario R. Nacinovich, Jr. (@nacinovich), Managing Partner, AXON and editor emeritus of Journal of Communication in Healthcare:

“My colleague and trusted friend John Mack, and his co-author, Letizia Affinito, have prescribed an end-to-end tome that serves as both “vaccine” and “novel treatment” to advance patient-centered digital communications. Their guidance informs and gives thoughtful consideration on how to design and create digital communication strategy, maintain relevance, and ultimately transform the conversation with the ultimate end-user of all of our work – the patient. In an increasingly commoditized industry sector, these profound insights proclaim the value of digital, mobile, and social, that no one engaged in health care should be without. Mack and Affinito have dispensed a patient-centered imperative embracing new media, methodologies, and messaging, inviting us each to reflect and accelerate this dynamic area of innovation and engagement.”

Mark Bard (@markbard), Co-founder Digital Health Coalition, wrote this:

“The past decade has ushered in challenges and opportunities for those seeking to use technology to optimize health and wellness on a broader scale. As patients increasingly embrace technology to learn, manage, and track their own health outcomes, providers and vendors seeking to engage or motivate consumers to take action (or change behavior) must embrace a patient-focused strategy within their overall marketing and communications strategy. Affinito and Mack provide a historical overview of the market trends as well as a future roadmap that is helpful to anyone charged with making the shift to patient-centered care today – and planning for what is possible tomorrow.”