The pharmaceutical industry is neither funny nor improvisational, yet those two attributes are precisely what I have depended upon to make Pharma Marketing Blog entertaining as well as informative.

But there are quite a few “funny” people currently or previously associated with the pharmaceutical industry. Kevin Nalts (aka Kevin Nalty), for example, is a former Merck Marketing Director and now makes a living — I hope — as a self-proclaimed YouTube comedian (see “Enlightened Stupid Marketer“). I also believe that my Twitter pal Lawrence Sherman (@meducate) dabbles in  the comedic arts.

At ExL’s Digital Pharma East I learned that Jason Youner, ExL Conference Director, does standup comedy on the side at a comedy club in Jersey City, NJ (ie, Stockinette Café at 581 Jersey Ave; the 2nd Friday of every month; Jason not only performs, he hosts and produces the show). He was quite funny roasting me during his introduction to my Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award “unceremony” (see “First Pharmaguy Social Media Pioneer Award Given to Janssen’s Alex Butler“). At the Pixels & Pills cocktail party, DJ Edgerton (@wiltonbound), CEO of Zemoga, revealed his humorous side by suggesting various kinds of undershirts I should wear when I gave the Hawaiian shirt off my back to Alex Butler.

Perhaps a few of us “comedians” should get together and form the “Pharmaguy Comedy Improv(e) Club” and volunteer to perform at industry conferences. I am sure it will liven these up considerably. As always, I appreciate your feedback, especially if you wish to join the troupe. Send your email to