I have just learned that the Institute for Safe Medication Practices suggests that there may be “safety concerns (about people taking Chantix while) operating aircraft, trains, buses and other vehicles, or in other settings where a lapse in alertness or motor control could lead to massive, serious injury.” (See summary of study here.)

The FAA, which reviewed the report, barred pilots and air traffic controllers from taking the drug, the WSJ reports.

If other transportation officials — eg, Amtrak, school bus transportation supervisors, taxicab companies, etc. — follow the FAA’s lead, the Chantix “road rage” loophole I first reported on in April would be closed (see “Chantix Road Rage – Revisted“). At that time I suggested that real Chantix-induced road rage was not the problem. But using Chantix as an EXCUSE for real road rage was a problem.

It’s funny how art — or, in my case, spoof — imitates life!