I can’t believe a Pfizer “spokesperson” (Corporate Secretary and Chief Governance Counsel, Matthew Lepore) said:

We do things at Pfizer that are best for shareholders of Pfizer” 

when defending Pfizer’s continued financial support of Heartland Institute, an organization whose president Joe Bast claimed that the public health community has a campaign to “demonize smokers” based on “junk science” (find the story here: “Pfizer Refuses To Pull Funding From Anti-Science Front Group“).

Among the books authored by Joe Bast is “Please Don’t Poop in My Salad (and other essays opposing the war against smoking)” (see his 2008 resume here).

First of all, it’s shameful for a drug company that on one hand promotes campaigns to help people quit smoking (eg, CHANTIX direct-to-consumer commercials) while on the other hand supports an organization that believes anti-smoking campaigns are based on “junk science.” How does that resonate with people who are taking CHANTIX?

Secondly, doesn’t Mr. Lepore know that Pfizer’s trademarked slogan is “Working Together for a Healthier World” and NOT “Working Together for a Profitable Investor”?

Lepore also stated that Pfizer “isn’t concerned” by the decisions of Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bayer, to disassociate themselves with Heartland. “We can’t be very knee jerk on every issue that is brought to our attention,” said Marc Scarduffa, Vice President, Government Relations & Public Affairs.

Which reminds me of a typical New Yorker conversation ender: “You gotta problem with that?”