What is WOTY?

WOTY stands for Woman of the Year. I am excited to share a little bit about what the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s WOTY event of 2022 is and my personal experience. Words that come to mind: #Inspirational #Aspiration and #Community

This was my first WOTY and my first in person event in 2 years! I bought a new dress and shoes (which killed my feet and ended up carrying around in a reusable bag! Returning those puppies!) It was great to mingle with others before the big event and to see colleagues and friends I have worked with for the last few years in person.

What Is WOTY All About?

Its opportunity to come together and recognize and celebrate the outstanding men and woman who are advancing the impact and influence of women in healthcare.

Being in person added another dimension to the experience – you could feel the excitement in the air, it was infectious. Everyone who spoke, be it the MCs or the award receivers – in person or over video – made an impact with the words they chose and the stories they shared. You really could not help to feel moved – everyone was so passionate about their causes and HBA goals – ultimately making an impact – on multiple levels.


HBA Rising Stars:
Professionals in the earlier stages of their career. The award honors their commitment to excellence and the valuable contributions to their company’s success. Every year this number of rising stars increases, this year there were 96!

Meet the 2022 Rising Stars

HBA Luminaries:
Seasoned professionals with over 20 years of professional industry experience, recognized by their company for their continuous support of other women colleagues helping them advance their careers. These leaders are role models of their companies. This award was introduced as part of the 25th anniversary of WOTY. This year 84 senior leaders were awarded.

Meet the 2022 Luminaries

HBA Star 2022 Wendy WhiteThis award recognizes one HBA member who has made a significant contribution and commitment to the association. STAR: Strategic Transformation Achievement Recognition.

This year’s STAR is Wendy White. She is the epitome of a STAR. She shared some of her history during her acceptance speech – inspirational does not even describe the feeling she evoked. The resounding message was a to live your life with purpose – she has; you can read more about it here. In addition to impactful initiatives, Wendy has over 15 years with the HBA in various roles with increased responsibility and is currently acting as the Interim CEO of the HBA.

Get Inspired by 2022 STAR Wendy White

2022 Honorable Mentor:
HBA 2022 Honorable Mentor Chris BoernerAwarded to one person a year who has demonstrated long-term advancement of women in the healthcare industry. Someone who is personally dedicated to developing, mentoring, and promoting women in the industry.

Christopher Boerner, PhD was recognized as the Honorable Mentor of 2022. While accepting his award, he shared with the audience the importance of remembering that the little things you do matter. Chris told the audience how when he heard the stories that where shared by those who nominated him, he was surprised because those things seemed so natural to him. The message being you never know how something you say or do is going to impact someone.

Read More on the Goals and Achievements of the 2022 Honorable Mentor Christopher Boerner, PhD

2022 HBA Woman of the Year:
HBA WOTY 2022 Beth SeidenbergThe HBA WOTY award honors one senior professional who has made outstanding contributions to the healthcare industry. Her leadership style and business acumen inspire all. In addition, the WOTY has furthered the impact and advancement of women in healthcare and is a driving force of leadership shaping the development of women in the workplace.

Beth Seidenberg, MD is the 2022 HBA WOTY. Beth has continuously leveraged her medical expertise and business acumen to further to innovation of medicine and improve patient outcomes. Her message to the audience was to have empathy, stive for diversity, integration, and elevation – of those around you, your goals, and their stakeholders.

Read More about 2022 HBA WOTY, Beth Seidenberg

My first WOTY was an experience I will cherish. If you want to be moved, inspired, and motivated, go to an HBA WOTY – meet new friends and old, honor leaders making an impact in all facets of healthcare as well as those that are elevating and supporting the influence of women.