According to the Financial Times (FT), the recent changing of the guard at several big drugmakers, including Pfizer, the world’s largest, may make it easier for drug industry lobbyists to woo democrats.

“Democrats may be more willing to lend an ear to chief executive Jeffrey Kindler than former chief executive Hank McKinnell, who was a large donor to the Republican party,” reported FT (see “Big Pharma on a mission to woo Democrats“).

FT went on to report “Records collected by the Center for Responsive Politics show that Mr Kindler donated $10,200 in this election cycle. The beneficiaries were all Democrats.”

That’s about 0.2% of the $4.5 million Pharma donated to Democratic candidates (vs. $10 million lavished on Republicans). Some hedge bet!

Mr. Kindler’s largesse notwithstanding, the drug industry is marshaling its forces to defend its gains. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post (see “What’s In Store from Congress?“), there are several proposed legislative changes that the industry is anticipating it must fight. What’s your opinion?

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