Brand Assets

We’ve compiled all the elements of the Pharma Marketing Network’s brand and identity in a single place as a resource for our media partners, sponsors and collaborators.

You can download the entire set of PMN brand assets for use in print and digital applications, or select which individual assets you may need in the sections below. If you require assistance, please contact us at


The Pharma Marketing Network’s brand signature. Available in full color and burn-in (white/gray) in both its standard, stacked-word form and an alternate, horizontal version.

Standard, stacked-word full color version.
Standard, stacked-word burn-in version.


In some instances, a smaller brand icon is more appropriate for use than the complete logo. The Pharma Marketing Network’s brand badge fills that need.

The PMN badge, available in full color only.


Please use the following reference to match the official colors of the Pharma Marketing Network with your application of the brand.


Just like you, we want our brand to stand out and look its best regardless of application. By adhering to our clearing space guidelines, you will help us to achieve just that.

Standard, stacked-word clearing space.

Alternate version clearing space.


The wording we use to describe our organization is crucial to presenting our brand to the world cohesively. The following description of the Pharma Marketing Network may be used for all editorial or sponsored placements, and includes some of our history, our mission, vision and important social media following information.

More than 20 years ago, John Mack created The Pharma Marketing Network® and became a prominent social media brand within the pharma marketing industry as “PharmaGuy”.  When John retired in 2018, R.J. Lewis was passed the baton and relaunched the site in March of 2019 with an impressive industry advisory board.

The Pharma Marketing Network® (PMN) is now an open, collaborative community environment for the pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing ecosystem. The PMN is designed to understand the challenges and trends of today, while collaborating with industry professionals, thought leaders, and visionaries to shape the future. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter @PharmaGuy.

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