Defining “Fearless”:

Quite simply, a Fearless Leader is a person who: Acts with inspired courage. Reacts with resilience. Thinks from a higher consciousness. Excels with unrelenting fire, high-performance lessons, and bringing a team to peak performance.

 The pharmaceutical industry has been reshaping their companies not only to the development of adopting new technology and innovation trends like AI, Blockchain, Precision Medicine, and big data, but also to increase the inclusivity of women leadership roles across the industry. Because of this, productivity and efficiency in R&D will significantly increase, and the ability to innovate will be a crucial factor to the future success of companies in the life sciences industry. New research shows that the increase of diversity and inclusion within a company drives innovation and market growth and as a result, many companies are looking forward to increasing their portfolios’ ability to address unmet medical needs through innovative technology and disruptors. Companies are looking to do more than move more women into leadership positions but to create inclusive and diverse environments that encourage both female and male to be successful at their jobs.

Momentum Events and PharmaVOICE proudly announce the partnership for our “Fearless in Pharma” Virtual event. During this two-day event, courageous and resilient leaders will share their personal experiences and authentic stories of innovative and breakthrough thinking to move the needle in the areas of high-performance team execution, R&D advancements, commercial excellence, and entrepreneurial leaps.


  1. Learn from industry leaders and explore the future of research and drug development and women’s health.
  2. Review new perspectives and gain insights from top leaders and innovators in the life science industry to help increase innovation for their organizations.
  3. Step out of your comfort zone and push boundaries to apply soft skills, emotional intelligence, and risk-taking to address and revamp your unmet needs.
  4. Retain innovation leadership by implementing agility to transform R&D functions
  5. Discuss what you believe it takes to encourage courageous leadership, measure innovation, and identify professional discipline in the workplace.
  6. Understand the life science of women’s health and the importance it has to the life science industry.