Pharmaceutical marketing teams are under pressure to move faster – the pandemic changed expectations forever about what can be done and how quickly we can do it. As a result, marketing teams are embracing Agile ways of working.

The second panel of the PMN Innovation Summit, Marketing Agility – The Path to Digital Engagement & Innovation, moderated by PMN EAB Member, Amy Turnquist, including an awesome team of industry experts: Jim Lefevre, International Business Leader, Digital Partnering Solutions at Roche, Ray Gomez, Head, Worldwide Digital Marketing – Channel & Content Strategy at BD, John Lineen, Senior Director, Engagement Planning, Immunology & Cardiovascular Franchises at BMS, Tres Garcia, Director Marketing, Agile Chapter Lead at Merck, gathered to share their stories on how they have embraced Agile Marketing.

Tune in to hear the insights on agile ways of working.