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The Pharma Marketing Glossary

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eDetailing is often used as a blanket term for various online physician marketing, promotional and communication activities.

Verispan, a company that audits pharmaceutical promotional activities, identifies four primary types of physician "ePromotion" activities, a few of which may be considered eDetailing:

  • Virtual Details - Web or CD-based self-guided informational programs with no live communication
  • Video Details - Online, live, or phone assisted browsing through virtual sales presentations
  • Other activities - Electronically enabled promotional, educational or service efforts
  • Online Events - Online seminar, CME event, opinion leader event, or web conference

Source: "The Impact of eDetailing: Will it Complement, Replace, or Become Integrated with the Sales Force?" Pharma Marketing News, Vol. 2, #9; REPRINT #29-02.

Online Events -- as defined above -- should not be considered eDetailing because they are primarily educational, non-promotional, and typically are not managed by pharma marketing sales and marketing personnel. See Pharma Marketing Glossary term: Detailing for more information.

Simply stated, eDetailing is detailing done electronically, most often online via the Internet, sometimes with personal computing devices (e.g., PDAs) or via Internet-enabled tele/video conferencing.

In other respects, eDetailing conforms to the conditions under the definition of Detailing. That is, it's primary purpose is sales related and excludes non-promotional activities such as CME. See Pharma Marketing Glossary term: Detailing for more information.


Def#1: Electronic prescribing, as defined by the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP), a standards development organization, has two parts:

Part 1: Two way [electronic] communication between physicians and pharmacies involving new prescriptions, refill authorizations, change requests, cancel prescriptions, and prescription fill messages to track patient compliance. Electronic Prescribing is not Faxing or printing paper prescriptions.

Part 2: Potential for information sharing with other health care partners including eligibility/formulary information and medication History Source: "Ready or Not: Gearing Up for the Expansion of ePrescribing," Pharma Marketing News, Vol. 3, #6; REPRINT #36-01.

Def#2: ePrescribing is the ability of a physician to submit a "clean" prescription directly to a pharmacy from the point of care. Source: CafeRx Press Release, August 10,2004; CafeRx Web Site
Electronic Sampling uses online tools/promotinal websites accessed by physicians to collect the details of sample distribution. It provides pharmaceutical companies with a cost-effective way to reach physicians who have been routinely under-covered by sales representatives.It allows manufacturers to meet increasingly challenging sales and marketing goals by reducing the significant costs associated with the traditional sample distribution process.

Special Supplement to Pharma Marketing News: eDetailing

Article: Intelligent Online Sampling Strategies (This article is included in the above Supplement.)

Source: S. Jaya Krishna, Faculty Member & Consulting Editor, ICFAI University