Pharmaguy Interviews: More Than 15 Minutes of Fame!

[Also see “5-Minute or Less Audio Snippets” below.]

Pharma Marketing Talk™ features interviews with leaders and innovators in pharmaceutical marketing. Pharma Marketing Talk is hosted by Pharmaguy, a pharma pundit, the publisher of Pharma Marketing Blog & the Chief Pharmaguy at Pharmaguy is also a contributor to Pharma Marketing News.

Each show is broadcast LIVE via streaming audio on the Web and then archived as a podcast on iTunes. During the live show, listeners can call in to ask questions or make comments via a chat window. Pharmaguy controls the conversation via a switchboard and with input from clients determines whether or not callers can join in the conversation. It is the archived podcast, however, that gets the vast majority of listens.

Between October, 2006 and the end of 2014, 222 shows were aired live on BlogTalkRadio and archived as podcasts on iTunes. These shows have received over 365,300 listens to date (19 December 2014). The average number of listens per podcast is 1,699. Of course, by now even more people have listened to these shows, which typically run about 30 minutes in length.

Each podcast is promoted before and after the interview to the thousands of subscribers to Pharma Marketing News, followers of @Pharmaguy on Twitter, and readers of Pharma Marketing Blog. This promotion gives our guest clients much more than “15 minutes of fame” within the online pharma community!

Here is how podcasts are promoted via the Network:

    • Podcast promotion page, which includes a summary of the discussion topic, lists of guests (including short bios), background information, list of topics and/or questions to be discussed, links to additional resources (e.g., white papers, press releases, etc.) and, of course, information about listening or calling in to the live show. This promo page (see an example here) remains on the Pharma Marketing Network indefinitely.
    • The podcast is included in the Pharma Marketing Talk RSS Feed to which you may subscribe.
    • A @Pharmaguy Tweet about the podcast interview is posted immediately before AND after the live interview/discussion. The before tweet announces and links to the live streaming interview and the follow-up tweet links to the archived podcast and playback widget (see below; size is adjustable) on the promo page.
    • Playback Widget for the show is available after the show is archived on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes. This widget is included in the podcast promo page (see example below). Guests can also copy this widget and insert it on their web sites and/or blogs.
    • A graphic (same as used in widget — see above — and in the Box Ad below) plus a description about the podcast and a link to the promo page are posted to Pharmaguy’s PinterestTumblr, and Scoop.It accounts after the live interview/discussion. CLICK HERE for a sample Pinterest post, CLICK HERE for a sample Tumblr post, and CLICK HERE for a sample Scoop.It post. These posts remain on these social media sites indefinitely.
    • OPTIONAL (additional charge applies): Order a Box Ad promoting the podcast to run for two weeks on the Conference Calendar Update page after the show. This ad also appears in one Conference Calendar Update sent via email to all Pharma Marketing News subscribers. See example below.

      Podcast: Pharma Brand Ads Within Mobile Apps: Myrbetriq®’s Advertising Partnership with RunPee App. Pharmaguy interviews Walt Johnston, Vice President of US Marketing and New Product Planning, and Emily Sitrin Mason, Consumer Marketing Director – Urology Franchise, at Astellas. We discuss a new partnership with Astellas Pharma US and the RunPee app as part of the company’s marketing campaign for Myrbetriq® (mirabegron) featuring an animated bladder character.
    • OPTIONAL (additional charge applies): Promote your interview by giving listeners a short audio “snippet” to pique their interest. See 5-Minute or Less Audio Snippets below.

For more information about Pharma Marketing Talk podcasts click here. If you are interested in being a guest on a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast, please fill out this ONLINE FORM today or e-mail

5-Minute or Less Audio Snippets

In his travels to industry conferences around the world or via Pharma Marketing Talk, Pharmaguy records many conversations with interesting people focused on pharmaceutical marketing and sales topics.

Some of these conversations are edited and condensed into short 5-minute or less audio snippets that can be played back on any Web site and/or mobile device (i.e., iPad and iPhone) that supports HTML5 coding.

Each Pharmaguy Audio Snippet has a page on the Web site. A widget such as the one on the left provides short descriptions and links to Snippets. This widget is embedded within several highly visited pages on Pharma Marketing Network.

If the Snippet is from a Pharma Marketing Talk show, a link is provided to that show from which visitors can access and listen to the full interview.

The Snippet page can also include links to related resources, including PMN Advertorial articles, or a client’s site as demonstrated in the example below.

Benchmark Your Marketing Effectiveness Using Medikly’s Physician Value Index

In this 3.5-minute audio snippet, Venkat Gullapalli, MD, and Mark Goldstone, Medikly Co-CEOs, talk about The Physician Value Index™ and how it can be used to provide marketing effectiveness benchmarks that are specific to your organization.

You can hear the full interview of Gullapalli and Mark Goldstone here:

Other resources:

Pharmaguy Audio Snippets can be embedded in pages on Pharma Marketing Network or on clients’ Web sites. The snippets can be part of ads that link to a client page or they can promote a Podcast Interview (see above). Here’s an example of how an Audio Snippet promotes the full podcast:

Benchmark Your Marketing Effectiveness Using Medikly’s Physician Value Index


For more information about Pharma Marketing Talk podcasts click here. If you are interested in being a guest on a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast, please fill out this ONLINE FORM today or e-mail