In this episode of the Pharma Marketing Podcast, we sit down with Mark Stinson and Bob Baurys from 83bar, the #1 patient activation company in the healthcare industry.

Mark and Bob bring two unique and highly relevant perspectives to the table from their extensive individual experience in healthcare and pharma marketing (Mark) and provider services (Bob). Bob and Mark have coupled their skills and expertise to create a four-point process and model to effectively educate and inform patients across therapeutic categories and motivate them to see their doctors or participate in clinical trials, detailed in their book, Patient Activation, available in paperback or Kindle on Amazon, and at Barnes & Noble.

For pharma or healthcare marketers, if you are involved with or interested in clinical trial recruitment, or trying to reach patients who are looking to connect with new treatment options, this is a must listen.

This episode of the Pharma Marketing Podcast is sponsored by 83Bar. For more information about Patient Activation or any of the other topics discussed in this episode, please visit