Toxic Portraits:

Gout is traditionally viewed as a low-priority disease with misperceptions driving the narrative. To change those misperceptions, we must be creative and bring the impact of this condition to the forefront. Toxic Portraits provide an innovative way to look at a disease state often overlooked.  This entirely different approach to creating urgency to treat uncontrolled gout focuses on the toxic source of the disease: uric acid. Horizon’s objective: Educate healthcare providers by demonstrating the toxic effects of uric acid to potentially change treatment behavior and show them the disease like never before.
Augmented Reality / Experiential Booth at the National Kidney Foundation Event:

Nephrologists treat patients with chronic kidney disease, but a lot of their patients also have gout.  If left untreated, gout threatens many organs and systems, including the heart and the kidney. Horizon needed to stand out among all the exhibitors at the National Kidney Foundation conference to make them take gout seriously, to show doctors the systemic effects of uric acid buildup.  The
objective: create a booth that would be impossible to ignore, in order to show healthcare providers, the truth—that gout could be almost anywhere.
View this podcast to understand ‘the how’ and the pull through, where the success was built on.