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DarshanTalks: Patient Advocacy and Conflicts of Interest – May 26, 2021


DarshanTalks: How To Build a Trusted Workforce – May 14, 2021


DarshanTalks: How Are Your Candidates #jobhacking?– April 29, 2021


DarshanTalks: Sales & Marketing Oversight – April 21, 2021


The Pharma Marketing Podcast is pleased to present this special guest episode from our friend and Editorial Advisory Board member Darshan Kulkarni, Sales and Marketing Oversight – April 21, 2021.

Darshan Kulkarni and Marc Banjak, General Counsel at Dova Pharmaceuticals, discuss sales compliance in the life sciences. Sales and marketing representatives in the life science industry must comply with state and federal regulations. What are these regulations and how should you navigate them? They also discuss problems that arise with patient ambassadors.

DarshanTalks: Marketing & Medical Affairs – March 9, 2021


Marketing and medical affairs are often perceived as being separate. What happens when drug companies market their own products? Join Darshan Kulkarni as he talks with guest Dr. Stephen Towers about the intersection between marketing and medical affairs. Darshan and Stephen also discuss how medical affairs can inform marketing efforts.

DarshanTalks: Blockchain & Information Technology – March 1, 2021


Blockchain technology has become an increasing tool for life science organizations. How is this technology being implemented, and what value does it offer? Join Darshan Kulkarni as he talks with guest Jim Nasr about the function of blockchain, and how distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain are making an impact on healthcare.