Networking to Survive the Pharma Recession

Solutions from Pharma Marketing Network and promo for the 4th Annual Networking Dinner Reception

Emerging Search Engine Technology Drives Digital Integration Strategy

Laura Pfister, VP, Interactive Media & SEM, IGNITE HEALTH and Buddy Scalera, VP, Interactive Media, QI INTERACTIVE discuss the rapid advance of search engine marketing technology and how it is impacting SEM strategy, integration of digital assets, and regulatory compliance with host John Mack.

Marketing and Sales Outsourcing Support

Partnering with Pharm Force to increase the effectiveness of your marketing and sales efforts.

Measure and Improve Marketing Campaigns and Sales Force Effectiveness

Join us for an interactive discussion on how small/mid-tier pharma companies can leverage sales and marketing analytics for competitive advantage. Our guest is Mike Wexler, Founding Principal at Biltmore Technologies, who will discuss his company's pharmaceutical data management solution.

Speaker Programs: Endangered Species

In this Pharma Marketing Talk interview, our guest, William D. Cooney, President and CEO, MedPoint Communications, Inc., will lay out the problems of face-to-face speaker programs in today's regulatory, cost-conscious, and busy work-schedule environment. Cooney will give examples of the many benefits of using technology to deliver and manage speaker programs.

Collaborating with Online Physician Communities

Pharma-Physician Peer-to-Peer Dialog via Sermo

Marketing to the “Long Tail Physician” Segment

A conversation with Paul Boidy, Executive Vice President, Sales and Customer Solutions at ReachMD who will give us a 'former insider's' point of pharma's rep-centric strategy vs. ReachMD's ability to cost-effectively reach the long-neglected physician

Life After CNTO411 Blog for Michael Parks: Pitch360

Guest Michael Parks, former Vice President of Corporate Communications for Centocor, Inc., talks about his experience as a corporate blogger and his transition to the founder ofPitch360, a PR consultancy company he founded to transform the way small companies communicate to their customers, key stakeholders, and mainstream and social media.

Rep Access Programs

Open Physician Doors with Targeted Medical Information

Trends Driving Physician Education and Branded Communications Online

A conversation with Shaun McIver of Streamlogics, Inc. about trends that are creating a
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