Google’s Rapidly Disappearing (Free) Organic Search Data: Impact on Pharma’s Ability to Measure the...

A conversation with Domenico Tassone, Vice-President of Digital Analytics & Operations at The Encima Group, about the privacy setting introduced by Google last year, which now lists referring keywords from organic search as

Reach & Teach Physicians with Virtual Reality: Viscira’s “EyeMAC” Wet AMD Simulation Exhibit

A conversation with Dave Gulezian, President and CEO of Viscira, about the use of virtual reality simulation to reach and teach physicians at medical conventions. Featured is his company's

The Mobile Health Library Platform: Apps for Rx Adherence & Outcomes Support

PharmaGuy interviews Rob Dhoble, CEO, Adherent Health, about Mobile Health Library (MHL), which is a privacy-protected mobile app platform built for the unique education, service, and support needs of health-related customers, including patients, health professionals, caregivers, and consumers.

A KOL by Any Other Name

Pharmaguy interviews Sanjay Singhvi, Director, System Analytic, about KOL terminology and the research his company conducted around it with KOLs and pharmaceutical executives to determine if the term should be changed and, if so, what term should be used in its place.

All About Eve – An iPAD Physician Detailing Platform

Guest Tim Lewis, Director, Interactive|RM Strategy at Abelson Taylor, provides details about eve™, which is his company's sales force-focused detailing platform for the iPAD.

Combatting PharmaPhobia: Conflict-of-Interest Myth Busting

PharmaGuy interviews Thomas P. Stossel, M.D., visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, about his new book, PharmaPhobia, and his call to action against the 'Conflict of Interest Movement,' which he claims undermines American medical innovation.

Pharma Marketing Talk: Virtual Face Time with Physicians

A discussion with Asheesh Gupta, M.D., M.P.H., CEO and co-founder of eHyppo, an independent online health care community created by and for health care professionals.

Closed-Loop Patient Education: MedTera and HealthPrize Team Up to Improve Medication Adherence & Health...

A conversation with David Duplay, President of MedTera, and Tom Kottler, CEO, HealthPrize, and Katrina S. Firlik, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, HealthPrize, about how the two companies are working together to combine closed-loop marketing, patient education, and incentives to improve medication adherence and health outcomes.

Pharma Marketing Talk: Adherence: The Achilles Heel of Drug Efficacy

A conversation with Vesta Brue, CEO of MedSignals, which developed and markets a 4-drug portable med-minding device.

Narrowcast DTC Advertising

Guest Darin Gilstrap, M.Sc., President & CEO, InnerCityMedicine Networks, LLC. talks about ICMNTV, an out-of-home digital disease awareness television network, which will be narrowcast to an estimated 10,000 medical practices located in urban areas.
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